METRO 2002 La Plata Tornado
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Ronnie Taylor, left, and John Sherbert collect important papers from Sherbert's property on Normandie Woods Drive the morning after a tornado struck La Plata, Md. (Andrea Bruce Woodall - The Washington Post)
 Photo Gallery: Damage in La Plata
 Panorama: Tornado Damage in La Plata
 Video: Tornado-Ravaged Cities Cope
 Tornado Downgraded
 The Tornado's Path
 Nature's Most Violent Storms
Live Online
 Meteorologist Dewey Walston of the National Weather Service answered questions on tornadoes.
In the News
For Victims Of Tornado, Another Blow: Insurance Policies Limit Some Rebuilding (Post, May 28, 2002)

No Special Fund for Tornado Aid but Red Cross Will Earmark Gifts (Post, May 9, 2002)

Federal, State Aid Will Help Repair Tornado Damage: Costs Mount as Cleanup Continues (Post, May 9, 2002)

On Scale of 1 to 5: How Scientists Gauge the Strength of Tornadoes: Fujita System Based on Damage And Wind Speed (Post, May 9, 2002)

Where -- and How -- To Lend a Hand (Post, May 9, 2002)

Trailer Units Offer A Place to Start Over: Businesses Pay Whatever Rent Possible (Post, May 9, 2002)

La Plata Tornado Reduced To an F4: Top Speeds Brief, U.S. Officials Say (Post, May 8, 2002)

Millions Pledged to Tornado Recovery: Cleanup Continues In Southern Md. as State, U.S. Offer Aid (Post, May 7, 2002)

Flocks Withstand Tornado: La Plata Congregations Unite Despite Battered and Broken Churches (Post, May 6, 2002)

Fast-Forming Twisters Arrive on Short Notice: Warnings Delivered Only Minutes Ahead (Post, May 5, 2002)

The Rebirth of La Plata: Tornado Aid May Finally Bring Town's Picturesque Vision to Life (Post, May 5, 2002)

Hundreds Helping Areas Emerge From Under Rubble: La Plata Prepares For Mass Clearing (Post, May 5, 2002)

Fifth Person Dies of Storm Injuries: Victim Wasn't Told Of His Wife's Death (Post, May 4, 2002)

More Damage From Tornado Found; Fourth Person Dies (Post, May 3, 2002)

Amid Wreckage at Damaged Churches, Members Give Thanks That Storm Didn't Take More Lives (Post, May 2, 2002)

For Huge Cleanup, Thousands of Helping Hands: Months of Reconstruction Lie Ahead, Officials Say (Post, May 2, 2002)

As Tornado Struck, 'We Saw Houses Falling Apart': Residents Reflect On Terrifying Night (Post, May 2, 2002)

'A Safe Place' Reopens to Schoolchildren: Classes Resuming in Charles County With Hugs, Stories From the Storm (Post, May 2, 2002)

Southern Md. to Get U.S. Disaster Relief: Power On, Schools Open as Tornado's Victims Work to Dig Out and Find Shelter (Post, May 2, 2002)

Tornado Victims Warned Of Fraud: Non-Md. Workers Flood Into Region In Wake of Storm (Post, May 2, 2002)

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