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Slots Split Democratic Candidates
The debate over slot machine gambling has emerged as the first real fissure between the two leading Democratic candidates for Maryland governor in 2006.

In the News
Cloak of Internet Propels Deceit, Sneak Attacks: Technology's Remoteness Brings Decline in Civility (Post, Feb. 13, 2005)

Uproar Puts Ehrlich's Likability On the Line (Post, Feb. 13, 2005)

O'Malley Flap Enters Governor Race: Fallout From Rumor Controversy Also Could Affect Ehrlich and Duncan in '06 (Post, Feb. 13, 2005)

New Entry Heats Up Md. Executive Race: Ex-Montgomery Council Member Isiah Leggett 2nd to Seek Nod (Post, Jan. 26, 2005)

Loophole Bolsters Duncan's War Chest (Post, Jan. 25, 2005)

Pr. George's May Be Kingmaker In Democratic Race for Governor: Duncan, O'Malley Begin Jockeying Early for '06 (Post, Dec. 5, 2004)

Spending Nears $7 Million For Senate Race in Md.: Pipkin Claims No Regrets In Costly Loss to Mikulski (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

In Md., Focus Shifts To Governor's Race: Both Sides Upbeat About Tuesday's Results (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

Mikulski Is Victor for a 4th Term: Challenger Pipkin Posed a Threat to Democrats, GOP Says; Kerry Also Wins Maryland (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Van Hollen, Fellow Incumbents Victorious: Challengers Unable To Take Any of 8 Seats (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Changes to Council Rejected: Voters Defeat Question H, Elect Campos to Open Seat (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Mikulis, Sigaty Capture School Board Seats: Voters Pass Both Charter Amendments (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

2 School Board Incumbents and 2 Newcomers Win: Chesapeake Beach Mayor Survives Challenge; Calvert Rejects More Powers for Commissioners (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Critics Document Handful Of Glitches: Touch-Screen Foes Anticipated Deluge (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Judicial Challengers Unseat 2 Incumbents: Voters Approve Measure To Raise Bid Threshold (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Abrams Ousts Lange; Ballot Issues Defeated: Voters Reject Measures on Taxes, Term Limits, Council Make-Up (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Long Lines Predicted at Polls Today: Officials Plead for Patience (Post, Nov. 2, 2004)

Political Ads Aired in D.C. Target W.Va. Audience (Post, Nov. 1, 2004)

Poll Chiefs Brace for Substantial Challenges: New Machines, Lines Among the Obstacles (Post, Nov. 1, 2004)

Va. Still in Play, Democrats Say: Led by Warner, Volunteers Rally for Final Weekend Push (Post, Oct. 30, 2004)

Gung-ho GOP Challenger Running Hard to Oust Hoyer (Post, Oct. 29, 2004)

Bleak Mailer Denounces Tax Cap Measure: Backers of Montgomery Issue Call Warnings of Cuts and Funding Shortages Scare Tactics (Post, Oct. 29, 2004)

Brad Jewitt (Post, Oct. 29, 2004)

A Step-by-Step Guide To Touch-Screen Ballots (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

County Charter Amendments (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Looking for the Payoff: In School Board Race, Tuesday Counts the Most (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

A Look at Tuesday's Choices: Challengers Aim for Capitol Hill; Council Makeup at Stake (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Local Governance on the Ballot: Code Home Rule Would Give Commissioners More Power (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Religion, Funding Split School Board Hopefuls in Calvert: 4 Candidates Are Vying for 2 Seats (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

County Voters Have Say in 4 Congress Races: Contests Feature Strong Incumbents (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Four Vying for School Board Are Close on Issues: Winners Tuesday Will Help Choose New Superintendent (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Strong Turnout At Polls Predicted: Voter Rolls Surge; Races Draw Interest (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

In Hoyer's District, It's All About Bases: Saving Facilities Crosses Party Lines (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

For Hoyer Rival, Mountain to Climb: Jewitt Far Behind in Funds; Mikulski Faces Spirited Challenge (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Van Hollen, Floyd Debate Whether Lawmaker Too Liberal (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

In 7th District, a High-Contrast Race for Congress: Cummings, Salazar Offer Clear Choice (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Council Term Limits, Districts Among Issues: Tax Cap Overrides Also Are on Ballot (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

In School Board Race, Many Plans, One Goal: Candidates Differ On Student Needs (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

Elijah E. Cummings (Post, Oct. 28, 2004)

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