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Caitie Kellum, 14, left, and her mother, Lisa Kates, who are from Bluemont, Va., march down Constitution Avenue. (Bill O'Leary - The Washington Post)
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Protests Return to D.C. 
Tens of thousands of antiwar demonstrators marched in Washington Saturday against the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

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Protesters Arrested at White House (, March 26, 2003; 4:26 PM)

Along the Mall, a Chorus of Protests: U.S. Military Veterans Push for Peace; Area Republicans Pull for Troops; Disappointed Marathoners Just Go in Circles (Post, March 24, 2003)

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Protests Disrupt Downtown Traffic: Lie-Ins Lead to Arrests; Dolls Daubed With Fake Blood Dramatize Casualties (Post, March 22, 2003)

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War on the Web

Rallying Around the Flag Online (, 3/14/03)

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