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The annual fireworks show over West Potomac Park, as seen from the steps and inside of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. (Michael Robinson-Chavez - The Post)
Get a list of events and make plans to celebrate the Fourth of July.

___  Graphics ___
Monday Closings: What's open and what's not on July 5.

Getting There: Security checkpoints, Metrorail hours and street closures in the District.

___  Local Events ___
Fireworks, parades and concerts add brilliance to the nation's capital.

___  Watching the Fireworks ___
Map: Viewing the Fireworks
Visitors Guide
Dining Near the Mall
Message Board: Where is your favorite place to watch fireworks?
Local Safety Laws: D.C. | Md. | Va.

___  MP3 ___
Star Spangled Banner: Every Which Way But Straight: Celebrating their independence, members of the community share their versions of the national anthem.

___  Transcripts ___
Star Spangled Banner Crusader Edward Siegel was online to discuss why he wants to lower the key of the national anthem.

Mall Security Dwight Pettiford, acting director of the U.S. Park Police, was online to discuss public safety.
What's Cooking, America?'s Kim O'Donnel was online to discuss recipes for the fourth.
City Preparations D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey was online to discuss safety and security.
Got Plans?'s Entertainment Guide staff was online to discuss best bets for fun in the Metro area.
More Live Discussions
A Soggy Fourth 
The heaviest rainfall in 23 years to hit the D.C. area on July 4 halted the Independence Day Parade and disrupted other celebrations, but retreated in time for the fireworks to proceed as planned on the Mall.
 Skies Let Loose but Spirits Still Soar

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