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The Series
 A year-long Washington Post investigation has found that in D.C. more and more murders are going unsolved , and many cases have fundamental flaws.
Live Online
 Transcript: Post reporters Barbara Vobejda and Cheryl Thompson discussed the series on Dec. 7.
The Cases
To see information about the unsolved homicides, click on the ward number.

• Entire City
• Ward 1
• Ward 2
• Ward 3
• Ward 4
• Ward 5
• Ward 6
• Ward 7
• Ward 8

The Graphics
• Fewer Homicides, but Even Fewer Arrests: This chart tracks police performance in closing homicide cases during the 1990s by the number of same-year closures—cases cleared in the same year they occur. It does not include cases closed from prior years.
• A Decade Later, Little Change
• When the Suspect is Dead
• Case Closed?
• Motives for Murder
• An Eye for an Eye
• A Deadly Cycle
• Repeat Killers
• In and Out of the System
On the Web
 National Homicide Trends from the Dept. of Justice
New Team to Review District Homicides
D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey says team will make sure homicides are thoroughly investigated before they are officially closed.

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