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Clockwise from top left: Sheila Payne, Fred Brandenburg, Desmond Brown, Gloria Davis, LaVon Green

Live Online
Post Staff Writer Katherine Boo was "Live Online" on Dec. 6, answering your questions.
• The Discussion

The Names of the Dead
Blue hyperlinks = photos; Brown hyperlinks = related documents.
Josephine Gaines • Marjorie Haas • Earl Veit • Donzer Ray Fonville • Marie Dickens • Vernon Brown • Dora Mae Christian • Deborah Lynn Key • Theodore Turner • Ruth Mae Boaze • Richard Smallwood • Cheryl Ann Bush • Patrick Wyman Dixon • Robert Allen Watts • Nancy Williams • Joanne Marie Curtain • Alonzo Fouch • Helen Andrews • Calvin Nielson • Joyce King • Richard Julius Braddy • Joshua Brooks • Viola Tillyer • Ernest Durity • Kevin Paul Turner • Marguerite Spaulding • Brugiere Palmieri • Steven Vasquez • Cecil Gobble • Lee Robert Shipman • Isaac Lloyd Williams • Male, full name unknown • Daniel Bern • James Scott • Reginald Lovette • Antonio McCullers • Betty Tunstall • Lawrence P. Toney • Hazel Harris • Phyllis Mallory • Female, full name unknown • David Abney • Stephen Sellows • Dorothy Simmons • David Wyatt • Full name unknown • Peter Chipouras • Grace Marie Arnold • Antonio Silva • Eugene Robinson • John Wesley Hanna • Clara French • Levander Johnson • Unknown female • Male, full name unknown • Eduardo Echaves • Kenny Holmes • Female, full name unknown • Female, full name unknown • Emma Williams • Cassandra Cobb • James Henry Wilson • Henrietta Green • Kenneth Arnold Gavin • Denise Allison Smith • Steve Edward Moore • Melvin Seymore • Fred Brandenburg • Freddie Deperini • Francis Hanfman • Sheila Payne • Louis Parnell • Gloria Marie Davis • Roy Calloway • John Motika • Raynard Olds • Herbert Scott • Sara Walford Martin • Tony Snider • Helena Taylor • Male, full name unknown • Charles Rowley • Kermit Gleaton • Gary N. Thomas • William Hillery • Full name unconfirmed • Michael Gilliland • Full name unknown • Antonio Lucas • James Fairfax • Male, full name unknown • Lemeka Edon • Eleanor Gleason • James Smallwood • Full name unknown • Male, full name unknown • Margaret Marie Bicksler • Hilda Redman • LaVon Green • Christopher Lane • Thelma Goldberg • Henry Laker • Dennis Edward Jackson • Carlis Spears • Nannie Jones • Reginald Murray • Desmond Brown • Hazel Pinkney • A. Rowe • Geraldine Howell • Patrick Dutch • James Dean • Joseph Addison • Annie Williams • V. Bennett • Woman, full name unknown
(City records regarding the mentally disabled contain a variety of spellings for certain names.)
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Pulitzer Medal Gold Medal for Public Service: "Awarded to The Washington Post, notably for the work of Katherine Boo, that disclosed wretched neglect and abuse in the city’s group homes for the mentally retarded, which forced officials to acknowledge the conditions and begin reforms."
• Post Wins Pulitzer for Public Service (April 11, 2000)

The Post won the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for these two series, Invisible Lives: D.C.'s Troubled System for the Retarded, and Invisible Deaths: The Fatal Neglect of D.C.'s Retarded

Invisible Lives

Forest Haven Is Gone, But the Agony Remains (March 14, 1999)

Olympics Achievement Out of Reach (March 14, 1999)

Residents Languish; Profiteers Flourish (March 15, 1999)

Nonprofits Struggle in a Current of Greed (March 15, 1999)

Invisible Deaths

Main Story:System Loses Lives and Trust (Dec. 5, 1999)

Graphic:Scores of Deaths, No Investigation

About This Project:How the Dead Were Found

Online Extra:Three Things You Can Do to Help

Invisible Deaths: An Update

Deaths Put D.C. Group Home Firm Under Scrutiny (May 18, 2000)

Concerns Raised About Program for Retarded (May 19, 2000)

Follow-Up Stories
District Failed to Check on Patients: Mental Health Agency Faulted On Follow-Ups (Post, June 20, 2003)

District Settles Claims for Retarded: Agreement Includes $29 Million Fund (Post, Jan. 23, 2001)

Group Homes' Debt To D.C.: $6.8 Million: City Had Overpaid for Care of Retarded (Post, Oct. 27, 2000)

Progress Reported On Care of Retarded: But D.C. Officials Concede Problems (Post, Sept. 26, 2000)

Homes Overuse Drugs, Study Says: D.C.'s Retarded Adults at Risk From Medicine, Abuse, Neglect (Post, Sept. 23, 2000)

2 More Human Services Officials Quit (Post, Sept. 2, 2000)

Retarded Man Left Stranded, in Restraints: D.C. Agency Keeps 30-Year-Old in Hospital for 8 Months, Citing Lack of Space, Legal Guardian (Post, July 13, 2000)

Group Home Ex-Chief Is Indicted: $800,000 Meant For D.C.'s Retarded Allegedly Stolen (Post, July 11, 2000)

Oversight Of D.C.'s Retarded Criticized: Council Probe Finds Delays, Indecision (Post, July 8, 2000)

Review of St. Elizabeths Uncovers Key Shortfalls (Post, June 16, 2000)

Mayor Takes Some Blame For Group Home Abuses (Post, June 2, 2000)

Williams Promises Better Care Of Retarded: Forum Hears Pledge To Fix Group Homes (Post, June 1, 2000)

Mayor Did Not Know of Abuses In Group Homes, Staffers Testify (Post, May 23, 2000)

Concerns Raised About Program for Retarded (Post, May 19, 2000)

Ex-D.C. Official Says She Reported Abuses: Testimony Comes in Probe of Group Homes (Post, May 19, 2000)

Ex-D.C. Official Convicted of Conflict of Interest: $30,000 in Financial Gains Traced to Relationship With Contractor Hired to Serve Retarded People (Post, May 17, 2000)

Post Wins Pulitzer for Public Service: Kosovo Photo Coverage, Style's Allen Also Honored (Post, April 11, 2000)

District Faults Safety in Homes For Mentally Ill (Post, March 26, 2000)

Medicaid Provider Guilty: Fraudulent Bills Submitted for Retarded in D.C. (Post, March 7, 2000)

City Moves Residents Kept Locked in Home (Post, March 1, 2000)

District Claim on Estate Dropped: Retarded Man Died In City Group Home (Post, Feb. 26, 2000)

D.C. Bills Ward Who Died in Its Care: Estate Has No Money, But Sister Suing City (Post, Feb. 24, 2000)

Mayor's Aides Questioned on Group Homes (Post, Feb. 19, 2000)

D.C.'s Mentally Retarded Wards Face Daily Indignities (Post, Feb. 15, 2000; 7:49 PM)

Group Home Medicaid Funds at Risk: U.S. Moves Against 5 D.C. Facilities After Studies Find Serious Threat to Residents (Post, Feb. 9, 2000)

D.C.'s Care For Retarded To Go Private (Post, Jan. 20, 2000)

Ailing Head of Criticized D.C. Agency on Extended Leave (Post, Jan. 12, 2000)

Files on Retarded Out of Reach: Advocates Frustrated by Lack of Cooperation From D.C. Superior Court (Post, Dec. 15, 1999)

Williams Promises Accountability on Group Homes (Post, Dec. 7, 1999)

D.C. Vows Review Of Deaths In Homes: Care of the Retarded To Face New Oversight (Post, Dec. 6, 1999)

U.S. Probes District's Homes for Retarded (Post, May 4, 1999)

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