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1877 D.C.: The Year Washington Became Washington
Washington historians may not talk much about the year 1877, but consider this: High-stakes political maneuvering narrowly averted a second Civil War, women and blacks chipped away at their second-class status, a city that had been a malarial joke blossomed into a world capital. And, oh yeah, a certain newspaper published its first edition ...

Photo Gallery: Then & Again
A Washington Post Timeline

The District's Growth
The Civil War
The History of U Street
Carnegie Library
Wormley's Hotel
The Post's Mary Hadar

Then & Again
A History of Inauguration Day
25 Years of Metrorail
D.C. Still Misses Baseball's Senators
Duke Ellington Centennial
Watergate 25th Anniversary
Katharine Graham Remembered

Bursting at the Seams As a Newspaper Is Born, a Muddy Town Begins a Metamorphosis Into Greatness
Letter From the Publisher
Homes: Q St. House Stands as Witness to 125 Years of History
Only in Washington: For Inaugurations, Funerals and Protests, the City Becomes the National Stage
Transportation: Washington's First Traffic Jam: Some Things Never Change
Fashion: The Evolution of the Pantsuit: A Debate That Continues, One Leg at a Time
Sports: Integrating the Redskins: George Preston Marshall vs. the U.S. Government
Scandal: Capitol Offenses: D.C.'s Long, Unhappy History of Sin
Transformed: How The Washington Post Changed Some Readers' Lives
Parties: No Matter the Era, Washington's Boldface Names Know Where to Find a Good Time
Arts & Entertainment: Washington's Duke Ellington and John Philip Sousa Taught the World How to Strike Up the Band | 'Washington Post March' by John Philip Sousa

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