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Message Boards Traffic Talk: Share your war stories and weigh in on the many transportation issues facing D.C., Maryland and Virginia commuters.
 Dr. Gridlock: The Post's Ron Shaffer delves into area traffic woes, every other Monday at 1 p.m. ET.
Commuter Survey
 Washington area residents spend far longer getting to work than commuters elsewhere, according to new local and national polls by The Washington Post.
 Full Survey Results
 Graphic: Driving Conditions
 Transcript: The Post's Ginsberg
 Related Poll: Tolls vs. Taxes
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Metro Decides to Clue Riders In
Regular Metro riders know their drill.
They come into the station, march to the platform and stand facing the tracks in the exact spot -- measured to precision over years of practice -- where they are absolutely, positively sure a car door will appear when the train stops.

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Dr. Gridlock
Rush-Hour Scene Doesn't Make Sense
Dear Dr. Gridlock:
During a Monday morning rush hour on the Dulles Toll Road, I found myself behind a driver who handed over a credit card at the tollbooth. There was little discussion between the attendant and the driver.

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