Welcome to this special edition of the Alexandria-Arlington Extra, a comprehensive guide to our community. It includes important information on how to get around the area, where to shop, how to contact elected officials and where to go when you need help or you want to help.
   The Guide will be updated as new information becomes available and we welcome your feedback. E-mail TheGuide@washpost.com or call 202-334-4555. More information about this guide is in our editor's note.

Arlington and Alexandria are at once close-in suburbs and distinctive urban villages.
Jay Mathews: Schools
When picking a school, there's often more than one right answer.
Real Estate
Home buyers should prepare to pay more for coveted close-in neighborhoods.
Newcomer's Checklist  |  Where to Eat  |  You Haven't Lived Here if You Haven't...
John Kelly's Washington
Most of the bridges that carry us over parts of our region are named things we recognize. Meet the people behind the spans.

Scenes and Sites
Washington's suburban communities are home to a wealth of nationally known attractions.
Learn the language of area traffic.

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    Higher Education
    Child Care
    Trash and Recycling
    Museums and Historic Sites
    Sports and Recreation
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