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Va. PAC's Mission Surprises Donors
Republican lawmakers have contributed to a political action committee trying to unseat party members who supported tax increases in 2004.

In the News
In Va. Governor's Race, Spotlight on Taxes Again (Post, March 27, 2005)

Va. Voters Promised a Voice on Taxes: GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Kilgore Also Vows Better Roads (Post, March 23, 2005)

Going Back to Roots, Kilgore Gets Started: Va. Base Cheers Gubernatorial Platform (Post, March 22, 2005)

Attorney General Kilgore To Resign: Va. Governor's Race To Get Full Attention (Post, Jan. 18, 2005)

In Va. Bills, Death Penalty Would Cover Accomplices (Post, Dec. 21, 2004)

Turning 50 Into $2 Million: Birthday Celebration Is Biggest Fundraiser for Gov. Warner's PAC (Post, Dec. 16, 2004)

Governor Hopefuls Hit Hard And Often: Kaine, Kilgore Stress Values in First Debate (Post, Dec. 9, 2004)

Eavesdropping Glee Soon Became Fright: Wiretap Brought Down GOP Leader (Post, Dec. 8, 2004)

Fairfax Delegate Has Eyes on New Title: Petersen Hopes to Be Democrats' Nominee for Lieutenant Governor (Post, Dec. 7, 2004)

State GOP Expects Divisive Campaign: Va. Party Leaders Strategize for 2005 (Post, Dec. 5, 2004)

For the Major Parties, Words to Live By (Post, Nov. 11, 2004)

Readers' Thoughts (Post, Nov. 11, 2004)

Fairfax Election 2004 (Post, Nov. 11, 2004)

Blue County in a Red State (Post, Nov. 11, 2004)

Bush Win May Help Allen, Warner (Post, Nov. 11, 2004)

Loudoun Letters to the Editor (Post, Nov. 11, 2004)

Kerry Takes Crestwood, A Classic Swing Precinct (Post, Nov. 11, 2004)

School Spending Approved: Voters Also Back Park, Arts Center (Post, Nov. 7, 2004)

Fairfax GOP To Probe Voting Card Procedures: Some Allegedly Allowed To Cast Ballot Later (Post, Nov. 5, 2004)

Voter Turnout Either Sizzled Or Fizzled: 'Record' Claims Depend on Comparison (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

Road Bill, Steel Prices Blamed for Firm's Loss (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

Crying Foul From the Rooftop (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

Bush's Win Highlights Va. Divisions: Kaine and Kilgore to Confront Rural, Suburban Voting Trends Next Year (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

Fairfax No Longer a GOP Given: For First Time in 40 Years, County Picks Democratic President (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

Manassas Park Voters Beat Betting Measure: Wagering Parlor Soundly Rejected (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

W.Va. Supreme Court Justice Defeated in Rancorous Contest (Post, Nov. 4, 2004)

Determined Voters Line Up to Be Counted: Long Waits and Predictable Outcomes in Md., Va. and D.C. Don't Deter Energized Electorate (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Kilgore Questioned in Snooping Case: Va. Attorney General Gives Deposition in Democrats' Lawsuit Over Eavesdropping (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

2 School Board Incumbents and 2 Newcomers Win: Chesapeake Beach Mayor Survives Challenge; Calvert Rejects More Powers for Commissioners (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Election Deadlock Fear Reverses Stocks' Rally (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

A Good Day for Incumbents: GOP Retains Majority in House Delegation; Constitutional Amendments Pass (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

A Day of Waiting and Confusion: Election Officials Say Machines Generally Perform Well (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

$200 Million for Metro, Road Projects Resoundingly Approved (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Board, School Incumbents Reelected Easily: Largest-Ever Bond Issue Gains Lopsided Approval (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Wilder Triumphs in Mayor's Race: After Charter Change, Former Governor Is Elected to Lead Troubled Home Town (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Votes Slow to Be Tallied on Measure to Allow Off-Track Betting (Post, Nov. 3, 2004)

Long Lines Predicted at Polls Today: Officials Plead for Patience (Post, Nov. 2, 2004)

Political Ads Aired in D.C. Target W.Va. Audience (Post, Nov. 1, 2004)

Poll Chiefs Brace for Substantial Challenges: New Machines, Lines Among the Obstacles (Post, Nov. 1, 2004)

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