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Warner Inaguration 2002

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner waves to the crowd after signing autographs on the steps of the Capitol in Richmond on Saturday. (Wayne Scarberry - AP)
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 Weekend of Inaugural Events
 Warner Is Sworn In
 Excerpts From Warner's Inaugural Address
 Former Onpolitics editor Mark Stencel gives an analysis of the challenges ahead for Mark Warner.
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 Inaugural Weekend Schedule
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 Virginia Politics
Downtown Shutdown
Roughly 100 square blocks of downtown will close for the inaugural parade on Jan. 20, and others close Sunday for a rehearsal.
 Graphic: Street Closings and Parade Route

The New Friendly Faces
Virginia's new first family ended a weekend of inaugural ceremonies and parties, inviting visitors into its new home on Capitol Square.
 Video: Taking Oath | Photo Gallery
 Text: Warner's Address | Report
 Va.'s First Lady, Finding Her Voice

Virginia's First Lady Debuts in a Walk-On Role
The First Lady's Luncheon is not a cozy event, and yet it affords some intimate glimpses of a woman who has largely sidestepped publicity.

Governor Promises Budget 'Straight Talk'
Mark R. Warner was sworn in Saturday as Virginia's 69th governor.

N.Va. Leaders Bank on Getting Warner's Ear
Business, political and education leaders already are pressing for a greater share of attention than they received from past legislatures.

Standing by Their Man
Va. Gov. Mark Warner's high-profile supporters are interested in good government without favors, perks, appointments or tax breaks.
 New Ringmaster's Big Tent

New Day in the Old Dominion
You get the sense that Mark Warner, whose pastor calls him the Energizer Bunny, has been hardly able to wait 47 years for this moment.

Seen & Heard
So what were two Republicans from Alexandria, a lawyer and a real estate broker, doing at Gov. Mark R. Warner's inauguration?

Tight Times Hold Warner To Low-Cost Initiatives
Virginia Gov.-elect Mark R. Warner will need all his dealmaking gifts in the weeks ahead, as he and a wary Republican majority attempt to close a $1.3 billion budget shortfall.

Preparing to Put On a Public Face
Lisa Collis is about to assume the highly scrutinized mantle of Virginia's first lady.

Democrats Pitch Big Inaugural Tent For Weekend Gala
Virginia Democrats were busy preparing a weekend festival of ballroom dances, black-tie cocktails for big donors, bluegrass concerts and gospel music to celebrate the inauguration of Gov.-elect Mark R. Warner and the party's return to the governor's mansion after eight years of Republican occupancy.

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