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Alzheimer's patient Cornelia Sink, 79, was able to get only a short distance from this bedroom before dying in a fire at a Care Givers home in Henry County. (Michael Williamson - The Washington Post)
Day 1: Assisted Living in Virginia
The Dangers of Va. Assisted Living 
An 18-month investigation by The Washington Post found a troubled and worsening record of care at Virginia's assisted living facilities, including avoidable injuries and deaths, and a system of state oversight that often failed to identify or correct problems.
 Story:Owner's Homes Troubled, Yet Aid Continued
 Graphic: Home Residents and Locations
 Graphic: The Victims
 Graphic: Troubled Homes

Day 2: The Volatile Mix of Residents
Residents Prey on the Vulnerable
In assisted living homes, residents attacking their housemates represents another layer of danger.
 Story: Sites Woo Patients They Can't Protect
 Graphic: Less Than Full Disclosure
 Graphic: Admitting a Violent Offender

Day 3: Lost in Life and Death
Assisted Living Facility's Chaos Bred Neglect
Kensington Gardens in Richmond racked up care violations, but Virginia still kept it open.
 Graphic: Kensington Gardens

Day 4: Failure to Regulate
Weak Laws Let Deficient Facilities Stay Open
As the assisted living demand booms Virginia regulators are struggling to keep pace, especially when compared with other states.
 Virginia Rarely Prosecutes Cases of Neglect, Abuse

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