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Hasan Akbar faces the death penalty for killings at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait. (GERRY BROOME - AP)
Army Soldier Is Convicted In Attack on Fellow Troops 
An Army sergeant who wanted to stop U.S. troops from killing his fellow Muslims was convicted by a military jury yesterday of murdering two colleagues and wounding 14 other soldiers in a chaotic grenade and rifle attack two days after the United States invaded Iraq.

In the News
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Two Reporters Lose Appeals Court Ruling: Leak Case May Lead to Jail Time (Post, April 20, 2005)

Tex. Pressed on DNA Exonerations: Group Is Urged to Probe Cause of Erroneous Murder Convictions (Post, April 20, 2005)

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The Force of Fear: A Decade After the Carnage In Oklahoma City, Washington Can Still Feel the Blast (Post, April 19, 2005)

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American Indicted In Iraq Oil Probe (Post, April 15, 2005)

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U.N. Votes To Outlaw Nuclear Terrorism: No New Restrictions Put on Atomic Arms (Post, April 14, 2005)

Guantanamo Detainee Suing U.S. to Get Video of Alleged Torture (Post, April 14, 2005)

London Ricin Finding Called a False Positive (Post, April 14, 2005)

Jackson Accuser's Tearful Mom Takes Stand (Post, April 14, 2005)

Rudolph Pleads Guilty to Clinic, Olympic Park Bombings (Post, April 14, 2005)

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