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Latest Items About Iraq

Turkey Says War Should Be Confined to Iraq
Monday, Apr 14, 2003; 8:53 AM

ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkey said Monday that Syria should not become a target of U.S.-led forces, amid charges by U.S. officials that Syria has weapons of mass destruction and is sheltering Iraqi leaders.

"This war should end in Iraq," Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said at a joint news conference with visiting Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom. "In our opinion, no one should allow new conflicts or new tensions in the region. No one should permit new developments that would further disturb the region."

"Now Iraq, then Syria, then Iran. . . .These are of course, very disturbing. There is a need to demonstrate that these are not true," Gul said. "The region is worn out enough."

- Associated Press

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Pentagon: 110 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq
Saturday, Apr 12, 2003; 8:42 PM

The Pentagon said Saturday 110 members of the U.S. forces had been killed in the war against Iraq, an increase of three from the previous day.

Nine others are missing, seven are prisoners and at least 399 are wounded or injured, the Pentagon said.

Added to the official Pentagon casualty list as killed in action were:

- Staff Sgt. Terry Hemingway, 39, of Willingboro, New Jersey.

- Sgt. 1st Class John Marshall, 50, of Los Angeles.

- Marine Sgt. Brendon Reiss, 23, of Casper, Wyoming, whose status was changed to killed in action from missing.

- Reuters

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Virginia's First War Casualty Laid To Rest
Saturday, Apr 12, 2003; 7:24 PM

Virginia's first war casualty laid to rest

BC-VA--BRF-Marine Killed-Funeral,1st Ld-Writethru,190

Virginia's first war casualty laid to rest

Eds: CORRECTS all references to May sted Day

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- The family of Virginia's first casualty in the war with Iraq said goodbye to a devoted husband and father during a tear-filled ceremony punctuated by a 21-gun military salute.

Marine Staff Sgt. Donald C. May Jr., 31, of Richmond, died last month when his tank fell off a bridge into the Euphrates River in southern Iraq. Three other Marines also perished.

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Lynch to Continue Recovery at Washington Hospital
Saturday, Apr 12, 2003; 5:30 PM

Jessica Lynch, the soldier rescued in a daring commando raid in Iraq, arrived at Andrews Air Force Base on Saturday to recover from her head-to-toe injuries at the Army's premier medical center.

A C-17 military ambulance flew Lynch, 19, from Germany along with her immediate family and some four-dozen wounded soldiers.

Lynch, who is from Palestine, W.Va., is to receive treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, a huge campus several miles from downtown Washington.

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