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Adel Salman Kahachi grieves after his brother found documents confirming that seven missing members of their family had been executed by Hussein's government.(Lucian Perkins - The Post) Photos: Searching for Loved Ones
Iraqis Learn Sad Fate of the Missing 
For one family, news of relatives' death ends 20 years of uncertainty.

Pentagon's Iraqi Proteges Go Home to Mixed Welcome
BAGHDAD, April 16 -- A Pentagon-backed Iraqi militia composed mostly of exiles rumbled into town today on the back of U.S. military trucks.

Exile Group's Militia to Move Into Baghdad To Help U.S.
Pentagon has ordered U.S. forces to quickly deploy a U.S.-sponsored opposition militia to Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, U.S. and Iraqi exile sources said.

New Force Moves to Gain Sway
In this rancid little town, where open sewers run through the streets and decaying corpses lie in open coffins on truck beds, the vanguard of what some in Washington hope is the new Iraqi army strutted into action Friday.

IN THE FIELD: With Psychological Operations Units
Troops Attempt To Spook Enemy Into Surrender
OUTSIDE BASRA, Iraq, April 3 -- In the pitch black, a disembodied voice boomed Arabic words across a wasteland on the edge of the besieged city in southern Iraq early this morning.

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