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Monte Reel is embedded with the Army's 82nd Airborne Division. (The Washington Post)

"Did you volunteer for this?"
I'd guess I was asked this by maybe 50 or 60 soldiers during my month as an embedded reporter. The answer -- yes -- was a consistent source of mystification to them. Most were infantrymen with the 82nd Airborne Division who, whether it was by choice or a...

Senior Aide To Hussein Surrenders
Tariq Aziz, Iraq's urbane former deputy prime minister is the highest-ranking official in fallen president Saddam Hussein's Baath Party government in U.S. custody after surrendering himself in Baghdad Thursday.
 Iran Rejects U.S. Accusations
 U.S. Turns to Former Foes

Slowly, Loot Is Being Returned to Museum
The blue Kia minivan rolled through the guarded gates of the National Museum of Antiquities early Wednesday afternoon, loaded with a precious cargo of metals and minerals.

Rebuilding Iraq: A Huge Challenge
Iraq's Shiite Muslim majority could rise to power, a prospect opposed by those in the Bush administration who envision Iraq as a model of secular pluralism in the Arab world.
 Exiled Iraqi Hopes to Get Oil Flowing

N.C. Firm Selected To Set Iraq's Needs
A small team of North Carolina researchers employed last week is being asked to help launch a wide array of projects to help Iraq regain its footing.

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