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Shiite Muslims gather in Karbala to honor Imam Hussein, the prophet's grandson, by the shrine to Hussein's half-brother Abbas. Such traditions were suppressed during the rule of Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Muslim. (Andrea Bruce Woodall - The Washington Post)
Shiite Leader Says U.S. Must Leave Iraq
The statement by Abdul Aziz Hakim was another sign of growing unease among Iraq's 60 percent Shiite majority over American occupation.
 Unelected Mayor Rallies Supporters
 Loot Is Being Returned to Museum

Tradition Reclaimed on Blistered Feet 
In a spectacle unrivaled in decades, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Shiite Muslims have flocked to Karbala, the resting place of a grandson of the prophet Muhammad whose death in battle weaves their faith's central narrative.
 U.S. Surprised by Shiites' Strength
 Karbala Pilgrimage Slideshow

Iraqi Artists Get A Clean Canvas
BAGHDAD, April 21 -- Soon after more than 100 of Baghdad's artists gathered today at Hawar Art Gallery, its avuncular, irreverent owner, Qassam Alsabti, lugged out a sprawling white board. He propped it against the wall, and his helpers carted in cut-off plastic bottles topped with paint. In a break with the past -- and all its weary cliches and slogans -- nothing was scripted.

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