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Duty in Iraq
 Request for Photos: Show the world your perspective on life in Iraq. We want to give you the opportunity to show firsthand what it is like to live and work in Iraq.
Today in DOD
 Daily Defense Department News
Enrollment in ROTC Down 16 Percent
Nationwide enrollment has slipped over the past two years, leaving the program, which commissions more than six of every 10 new Army officers each year, with its fewest participants in nearly a decade.

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Battle-Weary Marine Unit Awaits 'Taste Of Freedom': Many Feel Pull of Home 2 Years After Hussein Fell (Post, April 10, 2005)

Anthrax Vaccinations Allowed to Resume: Troops Must Volunteer to Receive Shots (Post, April 8, 2005)

Pentagon to Stress Foreign Languages (Post, April 8, 2005)

Beating of Iraqi General Alleged in Army Hearing (Post, April 3, 2005)

Iraq War Vet's Case Decided (Post, April 2, 2005)

Pentagon Blamed for Lack of Postwar Planning in Iraq (Post, April 1, 2005)

Study Faults Army Vehicle: Use of Transport in Iraq Puts Troops at Risk, Internal Report Says (Post, March 31, 2005)

Detainees Abused in N. Iraq, Army Papers Suggest (Post, March 26, 2005)

Canada Denies Asylum To U.S. Army Deserter (Post, March 25, 2005)

Army Still Behind in Recruiting: War, Lower Unemployment Cutting Into Pool of Enlistees (Post, March 24, 2005)

Army Eases Age Limit For Guard, Reserve: Recruiting Move Hikes Cutoff to 39 (Post, March 23, 2005)

Army Dismisses Court-Martial Against Ailing Vet: AWOL Charge Is Dropped (Post, March 23, 2005)

Portraits Etched in Grief: 'Faces of the Fallen' Gives a Long, Last Look at The War Dead (Post, March 23, 2005)

An Exhibition That Does Little but Salute the Flag (Post, March 23, 2005)

A Portrait of Fallen Neighbors (Post, March 20, 2005)

Twists Make Predictions A Dubious Bet in Iraq War: Unexpected Events Can Erode Hopeful Signs (Post, March 20, 2005)

Two Years Later, Iraq War Drains Military: Heavy Demands Offset Combat Experience (Post, March 19, 2005)

Defense Dept. Surveys Academy Sex Assaults: 1 Woman in 7 Reports Being Attacked (Post, March 19, 2005)

Pentagon Stresses Privacy for Sex Assault Victims: New Policy Will Also Make Counseling Available to Encourage Accusers to Pursue Prosecutions (Post, March 19, 2005)

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