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Ibis fly along a mangrove lined wilderness waterway near the Shark River in Everglades National Park. (Tim Chapman)
Post Series
 Part 1: An Agency of Unchecked Clout
 Part 2: Working to Please Hill Commanders
 Part 3: A Race to the Bottom
 Part 4: Reluctant Regulators
 Part 5: A Chance for Redemption
 How Corps Turned Doubt Into a Lock
 A Brief History of the Corps
 The Corps' Controversial Projects
 Permits Granted Along the Yellowstone (The Washington Post, 9/13/00)
 Oil Development 1968-99 (The Washington Post, 9/13/00)
 Baltimore Clout Fuels C&D Project (The Washington Post, 9/12/00)
 Corps Deepening Projects at U.S. Ports (The Washington Post, 9/12/00)
 Draining the Delta (The Washington Post, 9/11/00)
  (The Washington Post, 12/6/00)
Live Online
 Read a transcript of Michael Grunwald's discussion about the Corps.
 Read a transcript of Rep. Wayne Gilchrest's (R-Md.) discussion about the Corps.
  Read a transcript of a discussion with Tim Searchinger, senior attorney with Environmental Defense.
Photo Gallery
 Corps of Engineers Projects
Oversight Favored for Corps Projects
The National Academy of Sciences Thursday called for independent reviews of large-scale Army Corps of Engineers water projects, a significant victory for conservationists and fiscal conservatives who have questioned Corps analyses for years.

In the News
Army Corps Aims to Mend Itself: Civil Works Boss Calls For Better Planning (Post, July 18, 2002)

An Environmental Reversal of Fortune: The Kissimmee's Revival Could Provide Lessons for Restoring the Everglades (Post, June 26, 2002)

Water Quality Is Long-Standing Issue for Tribe (Post, June 24, 2002)

Between Rock and a Hard Place: Wetlands Shrink Before Growing Demands of Industry, Consumers (Post, June 24, 2002)

A Rescue Plan, Bold and Uncertain: Scientists, Federal Officials Question Project's Benefits for Ailing Ecosystem (Post, June 23, 2002)

To the White House, by Way of the Everglades (Post, June 23, 2002)

Army Corps Overhaul Gets a Boost: General Says Change Is Needed; Daschle to Co-Sponsor Bill (Post, June 19, 2002)

Bush Delays Action On Missouri River: Agencies Ordered to Consult on 'Spring Rise' (Post, June 14, 2002)

GAO Details Errors In Army Corps Project: Miscalculations Made In Delaware River Analysis, Report Says (Post, June 11, 2002)

Corps Speedily Clears Way for 118 Projects: Review, Announced 3 Weeks Ago in Response to Critics, Called Window-Dressing (Post, May 18, 2002)

Army Corps of Engineers Clears Projects: More than 100 Suspended Projects Can Move Forward (Post, May 17, 2002; 1:25 PM)

150 Water Projects Halted For Army Corps Review (Post, May 1, 2002)

Army Corps Suspends Del. River Project: Deepening Is Latest Plan Put on Hold as Benefits, Analyses Are Questioned (Post, April 24, 2002)

White House Relaxes Rules On Protection of Wetlands: Two Agencies Criticized Revision of Permit Laws (Post, Jan. 15, 2002)

Interior's Silence on Corps Plan Questioned: Norton Never Submitted Fish and Wildlife Critique of Controversial Proposal to Relax Wetlands Rules (Post, Jan. 14, 2002)

Army Corps Moves to Ease Wetlands Rules (Post, Aug. 9, 2001)

Proposal to Change Flow of Missouri River Is Dropped (Post, Aug. 3, 2001)

Army Corps Seeks to Relax Wetlands Rules (Post, June 4, 2001)

New Orders for Army Engineers: General Outlines Reshaping of Construction Agency Under Fire (Post, March 16, 2001)

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