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Time Line
Elian's Journey: A time line traces the events in the Elian Gonzalez story – from the young ship wreck survivor's arrival in Miami, to his pending asylum case.
Live Online
Gregory Craig: The attorney for Juan Gonzalez talked about the Elian Gonzalez case.(5/30/2000)
Slide Shows
Multimedia Miami Raid: Images and sounds from the early morning raid that brought 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez from Miami and reunited him with his father. (4/22/2000)
Video Archive: Images of the seven-month saga in the United States and its conclusion in Cuba.
Photo Galleries
Photo Galleries   Elian Goes Home (6/28/2000)
  Agents Seize Elian (4/22/2000)
  Miami Relatives React to Raid (4/22/2000)
  Gonzalezes in Washington (4/24/2000)
What's Your Opinion?
Message Boards Should the government have taken Elian by force?

Should lawmakers get involved in the Elian case?

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  June 1: Ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit on child's right to an asylum hearing.
  April 19: Ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.
  April 17: Pediatrician's letter describing the Miami relatives' home as "psychologically abusive."
  March 22: The Miami relatives' requested asylum for Elian was denied.
On the Web
Multimedia   Immigration and Naturalization Service: Elian Gonzalez.
  Liberty for Elian: Web site maintained by the son of the Miami relatives' spokesman.
  Granma: Coverage of Elian's case from the Cuban Communist Party newspaper, Granma.
Elian -- the Lost Episodes: NAHJ Survey Excludes Coverage
The percentage of stories about Latinos that aired on the evening network newscasts declined from 1.3 percent in 1999 to 0.53 percent last year, according to the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Full Coverage
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From The Archives
Miami Relatives Of Elian Ask For a Meeting (Post, June 6, 2000)

In Little Havana, Mourning: Subdued Crowd Shows Up at House Where Elian Lived (Post, June 2, 2000)

Elian Asylum Appeal Dismissed: INS Was Within Law in Not Considering Relative's Petitions, Court Rules (Post, June 2, 2000)

Little Havana Crowd Greets Ruling with Dismay (Post, June 1, 2000; 1:00 PM)

Elian Visits Inner Harbor In Baltimore (Post, May 31, 2000)

Cleveland Park Welcomes Elian in Style: Northwest Neighbors Planning Potluck, Brunch for Cuban Boy and Entourage (Post, May 26, 2000)

Next Stop for Elian: D.C.: Boy, Entourage, Apparently Bored, Expected at NW Estate (Post, May 24, 2000)

Boy of Their Dreams: Fidel's Faded Capital Makes the Most of What It Doesn't Have (Post, May 22, 2000)

Elian's Competence to Seek Asylum Argued in Hearing: Questions From Judges Focus on Parents' Rights, What's Best for a Cuban Child (Post, May 12, 2000)

Elian Appeal in Court Today: Judges to Hear Arguments on Whether Boy Can Seek Asylum (Post, May 11, 2000)

Elian, Father Emerge for D.C. Celebration: Georgetown Hosts Have Entertained Clinton, Raised Funds for Democrats (Post, May 7, 2000)

'Miami Moment' Goes On Too Long for Some: Political Fallout From Elian Raid Has City, Once Again, Up in Arms (Post, May 7, 2000)

At Andrews, 3 Days of Elian: Air Base, Police Kept Busy With World's Most Famous Boy (Post, May 4, 2000)

Congress Might Not Hold Hearings on Seizure of Elian (Post, May 3, 2000)

Elian's Father Files New Brief: Gonzalez Asks Federal Panel to Dismiss Uncle's Asylum Claims (Post, May 2, 2000)

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