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An archive of Post editorials on the war on terrorism.

One Man's Fortune
THE PAST WEEK has given the Bush administration more cause to reconsider its heavy reliance on a single general, Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf, to maintain stability in one of the world's most dangerous areas. On Thursday Mr. Musharraf narrowly escaped another attempted assassination -- the second in less than two weeks and the fourth in less than two years. One day earlier, Pakistan's self-appointed president announced that he had struck a deal with a coalition of Islamic militants that will legitimize his continuance in office until 2007 and ratify his rewrite of the constitution at the price of further empowering a movement that seeks Taliban-style rule for both Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan. More than ever, Mr. Musharraf's ability to deliver on his promises to stand with the United States against terrorism and Islamic extremism is in doubt. His sudden death would trigger a crisis both for Pakistan and for U.S. security. Yet if the Bush administration has a fallback plan, it shows no sign of it.

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