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Bandaged Grid Still Vulnerable
In the year since the largest blackout in American history, utilities have fixed many of the problems that contributed to the breakdown but still have not resolved larger issues that could lead to future outages, according to industry officials, regulators and specialists.

In the News
Probers Say Blackout in August Was Avoidable (By Peter Behr, Nov. 20, 2003)

Investigators Pinpoint Cause of August Blackout (By Peter Behr, Nov. 19, 2003)

Report to Pin Blackout On Lax Midwest Rules: Task Force Says No One Is in Charge (By Peter Behr, Nov. 19, 2003)

Grid Officials Get Crisis Letter: Reliability Group Urges Action to Avert Blackouts (By Peter Behr, Oct. 11, 2003)

Grid Operators Spotted Overloads: But Ind. Controllers Couldn't Force Power Companies to Cut Output (By Peter Behr and Steven Gray, Sept. 5, 2003)

Blackout Hearings To Begin in House (By Peter Behr, Sept. 3, 2003)

Backers of Power-Grid Upgrade See an Opening: Blackout Makes Expensive New Technology Seem More a Necessity Than an Extravagance (By Michael Barbaro, Sept. 2, 2003)

No Time to Stop Blackout, Report Finds: Power Surges Were Too Sudden for Human Response, Grid Operator PJM Says (By Peter Behr and Michael Barbaro, Aug. 29, 2003)

Power Swing Hit N.Y. Before Blackout: Lawmakers Hear Details; Abraham Says Cause of Outage Won't Be Known for Weeks (By Brooke A. Masters and Peter Behr, Aug. 28, 2003)

Thinking Inside the Grid: Fragmented, Deregulated Electricity Structure Makes Improvements a Challenge (By Neil Irwin, Aug. 25, 2003)

Power Firm Points Finger at Rival: American Electric Notes FirstEnergy Problems (By Greg Schneider and Jonathan Finer, Aug. 23, 2003)

Do-It-Yourself Power Catching On: Companies, Institutions Build Plants as a Safeguard (By Martha McNeil Hamilton, Aug. 22, 2003)

Out-of-Sync Clocks Complicate Probe (Aug. 22, 2003)

Past Blackout Reports Detail Multiple Causes (By Peter Behr, Aug. 22, 2003)

Three Professions, Three Ways Out of Darkness: Toronto Workers Describe Coping Without Power (By DeNeen L. Brown, Aug. 21, 2003)

U.S., Canada Pledge to Press Joint Investigation of Blackout (By Jonathan Finer and Kenneth Bredemeier, Aug. 21, 2003)

U.S., Canadian Officials Begin Joint Effort in Blackout Probe (By Greg Schneider and Kenneth Bredemeier, Aug. 20, 2003)

U.S., Canada to Control Blackout Probe: Power System Operators, Utility Executives to Contribute to Joint Task Force (By Greg Schneider and Kenneth Bredemeier, Aug. 20, 2003)

Utility Act's Critics Point To Blackout (By Jackie Spinner, Aug. 20, 2003)

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