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President Bush's Energy Report
 Full Text (pdf)
California Crisis
 California Energy Commission
 FERC Report on California Power Issues
 California Electricity Profile
 California Independent System Operator: Updates on Power Crisis
 Graphic: How the California ISO Distributes Power
 Map: California ISO's Control Area
 Map: Power Plants in California
California Utilities
 SoCal Edison
 The Gas Company (SCG)
 Pacific Power & Light
 Sierra Pacific
 On FERC (
Department of Energy
 The Changing Structure of the Electric Power Industry 2000: An Update
 Energy Sources and Production
 Annual Energy Outlook 2001 With Projections to 2020
 Energy Efficiency
 International Energy Fact Sheets
 Inventory of U.S. Electric Utility Power Plants in 1999
Around the U.S.
 State Electricity Profiles
 Deregulation Map
 Energy Alternatives by State
 Electric Competition in the States: A Summary from Edison Electric Institute.
 State Electric Industry Restructuring Activity
 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
 American Public Power Association
 North American Electric Reliability Council
 Contact Information for Electric Utilities by State
Related Graphics
 Timeline: The Shock to California's System
 Power by Hour
 California's Power Grid
 Proposed Exploration
 Alaskan Oil Drilling
 Oil Exploration in Alaska
 Fuel Sources
 Energy Efficiency
 Oil Consumption
 Natural Gas Consumption
 Regulation v. Privatization
Tools and Resources
 Ask an Energy Expert
 Home Energy Quiz
 Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home
 Learn About Saving Energy
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