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 Americans with Disabilities Act
 Encyclopedia Britannica: History of the ADA
Live Online Transcripts
 Disability activist Rebecca Ogle
 Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa)
Photo Gallery
photo galleries ADAPT : Gallery shows members of American Disabled For Attendant Programs Today, a disability rights group.
Web Links
Web Links Center for Disability Rights
 American Association of People with Disabilities
 Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund
 Justice Department
 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 Census Bureau
 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
 President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
Supreme Court Cases
 Sutton v. United Airlines
 Murphy v. United Parcel Service
 Albertsons Inc. v. Kirkingburg
 Olmstead v. L.C.
 Cleveland v. Policy Management Systems
 Wright v. Universal Maritime Service Corp.
 Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections v. Yeskey
 Bragdon v. Abbott
This report takes a look at disability rights 10 years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It also features transcripts of live discussions, a photo gallery and links to documents, including those involving Supreme Court cases.

O'Connor Criticizes Disabilities Law as Too Vague
Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor told a conference of business lawyers Thursday that the high court has been obliged to wrestle with a heavy load of disability rights cases because the 1990 act was drafted too hastily by Congress.

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