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The Next Drug Czar
 Post columnist William Raspberry describes drug czar nominee John Walters as A Draco of Drugs.
 Author Michael Massing argues the Walters nomination is The Wrong Man and the Wrong Direction.
 Former drug czar William Bennett replies that Walters is A Superb Choice for Drug Czar.
 Former policy director Adam Gelb suggests that experts Forget the Extremes. Try a Dose of Both in refocusing their approach to the drug war.
The Impact of 'Traffic'
Traffic Critic Stephen Hunter on The Movie.
 Reporter John Lancaster on The Political Response.
 Q&A with The Producer
 Richard Cohen on The Cliches
 Investigative reporter Jeff Leen on The Realities.
 Columnist Abby Trafford on The Public Health Message.
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 Department of State
 Central Intelligence Agency
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 Defense Department: Counterdrug Technology Development Program
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 Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program
 Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission
 United Nations: Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
Drug Dealing Near D.C. Clinics Confirmed
Blatant narcotics dealing outside several District drug treatment centers regularly undermines the efforts of addicted patients and those working to help them, according to a federal investigation released Tuesday.

More News
In Canada's Marijuana Debate, Supreme Court Backs Criminal Penalties (Post, Dec. 24, 2003)

Arms Dealer Arrested in Plot to Kill Cartel Kingpin (Post, Sept. 6, 2003)

Canada May Allow Small Amounts of Marijuana (Post, May 28, 2003)

Arrests in Mexico Unveil Colombian Cocaine Connection (Post, May 8, 2003)

1.7 Tons of Cocaine Seized Off Colombia (Post, April 23, 2003)

Citing Corruption, Mexico Shuts Drug Unit: Military Raids Offices in 11 States; 200 Employees Being Questioned (Post, Jan. 21, 2003)

A Seasonal High in Marijuana Traffic: Agents and Canine Pals Win Some, Lose Some at Checkpoints in Southern Texas (Post, Dec. 20, 2002)

U.S. Called the Loser in War on Drugs: In Prison Interview, Alleged Kingpin Says Demand Fuels Trade (Post, Oct. 31, 2002)

From Tracking to Teaching: U.S. Customs Unit Trains Officials in Former Soviet Bloc (Post, Sept. 13, 2002)

DEA to Bolster Presence Along Mexican Border, in Central Asia (Post, Aug. 10, 2002)

Coast Guard Steps Up Its Drug Patrol: In '02, Agency Has Seized 70,000 Pounds of Cocaine (Post, March 14, 2002)

Mexico Arrests Drug Boss (Post, March 10, 2002)

New Pitch in Anti-Drug Ads: Anti-Terrorism (Post, Feb. 4, 2002)

U.S., Colombia Smash Money-Laundering Ring (Post, Jan. 17, 2002)

Medical Marijuana Back in Court: D.C. Activists Want Judge to Remove Obstacle to Vote (Post, Dec. 19, 2001)

Terrorism Fight Hurts Drug War: With U.S. Resources Elsewhere, Mexican Cartels Step Up Cocaine Shipments (Post, Dec. 13, 2001)

Calif. Marijuana Clubs Uneasy Over Ruling: Patient Centers Fearful of Being Shut Down (Post, Aug. 29, 2001)

Meth Production Reaches 'Epidemic' Level on Coast (Post, Aug. 25, 2001)

DEA Chief Tough on Medical Marijuana: Hutchinson Will Focus on Enforcing Ban, Improving Informant Accountability (Post, Aug. 21, 2001)

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