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South Dakota
In the News
Sen. Jeffords Says He Plans to Step Down: Vermont Independent Who Left GOP in 2001 Cites His and Wife's Health Issues (Post, April 21, 2005)

Frist Likely to Push for Ban on Filibusters: Failure Risks Conservatives' Ire; Success May Prompt Legislative Stalemate (Post, April 15, 2005)

COAST TO COAST: A national briefing of people, issues and events around the country (Post, March 27, 2005)

Daschle Moving to K Street: Dole Played a Key Role in Recruiting Former Senator (Post, March 14, 2005)

Reid and Kerry, With Swords Drawn (Post, March 6, 2005)

For Daschle, Democrats Are the Farewell Party (Post, March 2, 2005)

COAST TO COAST: A national briefing of people, issues and events around the country (Post, Feb. 27, 2005)

Group to Coordinate Attack on Bush Plan: Social Security Proposal Is Targeted (Post, Feb. 25, 2005)

Balancing Nevada, National Interests: Reid Protects Gaming and Mining Industries While Advancing Democratic Agenda (Post, Feb. 1, 2005)

A Voice From Above, And to the Left: North Dakota Talker Ed Schultz Is Set to Blanket Washington (Post, Jan. 10, 2005)

109th Congress Convenes With Larger GOP Majorities: Much Is Expected of Senate's 7 New Republican Members (Post, Jan. 5, 2005)

Some Troubled Firms Turned Into Top Performers in 2004 (Post, Jan. 3, 2005)

Reid Vows to Stand Up to GOP: A Moderate, Party's New Senate Leader Says He Won't Yield (Post, Dec. 19, 2004)

Returning to a Home on the Range: Buffalo Being Moved from Calif. Island to S.D. Land of Ancestors (Post, Dec. 16, 2004)

After an Often-Tumultuous Tenure, Daschle Exits Quietly: Defeated Democratic Leader Uncertain About Next Move (Post, Dec. 12, 2004)

Frist Political Fund Can't Cover Bank Loan: Senator's Investment in Stock Market Has Lost $460,000 in Value Since 2000 (Post, Dec. 2, 2004)

Ex-Chief Fulwood Approved for U.S. Parole Panel (Post, Nov. 23, 2004)

In Farewell, Daschle Puts Emphasis on Cooperation (Post, Nov. 20, 2004)

Reid Set to Lead Senate Democrats: Nevadan Has Won Praise From Both Sides of Aisle (Post, Nov. 16, 2004)

Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable (Post, Nov. 10, 2004)

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