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At Yale, Crying Wolf on Sexual Harassment
In late February, Naomi Wolf published an article accusing Harold Bloom of sexual harassment during her time at Yale. Wolfs claim, that Yales approach to sexual harassment and assault was highly inadequate and perfunctory, has sparked a public controversy. Many are left wondering why Naomi Wolf would wait so long to bring up such charges now.

Student Voices
Prolonging the Inevitable
In the last three weeks our university has been the focus of national, and even international attention. Allegations of rape, sex parties and escort services have swirled around the football program. As students at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU), we must ask ourselves, does our school foster an atmosphere of sexual harassment in the football program?

Student Voices
The Real Cost of High Tuition
Word from the College Board that tuition at four-year public colleges has reached a three-decade peak is bad news for all students, but particularly bad for students from other countries studying here.

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