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Travis Fox is an Emmy Award-winning video producer for The Washington Post. His distinctive web video and multimedia stories have been instrumental in establishing a new form of multimedia storytelling on the Internet.

Kurt Andersen of New York Magazine calls Fox a "natural-born Web-video genius" and describes his work as "ambitious, subtle, tough, and remarkably beautiful."

In 2006, Fox received the first Emmy Award awarded to a web video producer for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina. In 2002, his documentary, "Rebuilding a Fortress, Rebuilding a Life," was the first web-based production to air on national television. ABC aired the documentary twice, on "UpClose" and "Nightline." Veteran "Nightline" producer Tom Bettag described the story as "extraordinary" as well as "sensitive and insightful."

The Rebuilding documentary helped Fox win both the Editor of the Year and Videographer of the Year awards from the White House News Photographers Association, the first and only time the same person has earned both distinctions in the organization's history. The WHNPA awarded Fox Editor of the Year twice more.

He has won dozens of National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year International and CINE awards and has been nominated for a total of seven Emmys.

More than anything else, Fox is known for creating multimedia stories that combine video with interactive elements. In-depth projects such as "Hard Times" and "Crisis in Darfur" are examples of this method as is the daily news coverage he produces, such as his work from China during the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan Province.

While in the field, Fox often works in conjunction with Washington Post reporters, helping adapt their expertise in new ways online.

Fox graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism and lives in New York.

Latest Projects:

Pakistanis pay their respects to Benazir Bhutto at Liaqat Bagh Park in Rawalpindi, the site of the former Pakisitani prime minister's final speech and assassination.
Pakistanis pay their respects to Benazir Bhutto at Liaqat Bagh Park in Rawalpindi, the site of the former Pakisitani prime minister's final speech and assassination.
After the Destruction
Video and Panoramas
Videojournalist Travis Fox returns to New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina, where efforts to revive the city are slowly moving forward.
Life in American Samoa revolves around family and football. High Schooler Ne'emia Vitale aspires to leave the island to play college football in the U.S.
Video and Panoramas
The birthplace of the roller coaster and American hotdog could be headed for an upscale redevelopment makeover.
China's staggering economic growth has overshadowed a more subtle shift in Chinese society.
Video and Panoramas
The crisis in Darfur, Sudan, is spilling over into eastern Chad, where the ethnic make up is the same and the border porous.
Agent Orange Victim in Vietnam
For decades, Vietnam and the U.S. have wrangled over responsibility for the U.S. military's use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Now there are signs of cooperation between the former foes.
Karen Refugee in Thailand Camp
Burmese forces are waging the largest military offensive against their own people in more than a decade.


Paths to Escape Perilous for Lebanese
As thousands of residents of southern Lebanon stream north for safety, civilian vehicles are being hit by Israeli air strikes.

Hezbollah Aid | Panoramas | Sectarian Tensions
Video: Reminders of War in Gaza
From the nearly constant artillery fire in the north to the endless amount of martyr posters, war is part of the landscape in Gaza.

EU Flag in Romania
Romania sees its entry into the European Union as a final break from communism. In order to gain membership on Jan. 1, 2007, Romania must adhere to strict E.U. standards on everything from the justice system to the slaughter of pigs.
Flooded Village
Video and Panoramas
Aceh, an isolated province of Indonesia on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra, was hit hardest by the Dec. 26, 2004 tsunami. Four videos and 12 panoramic photographs track the progress of Aceh one year later.
Fire in Azerbaijan
washingtonpost.com video producer Travis Fox and Post reporter Philip Kennicott report from Azerbaijan on the upcoming elections in the resource-rich former Soviet republic.
Katrina,New Orleans
As authorities begin forced evacuations, many residents in New Orleans continue to live in flooded houses.

Pressure to Leave | Jefferson Parish | French Quarter
Flooded New Orleans
Panoramic photographs from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
DC United Fan
Robert Gillespie is D.C. United's biggest fan. He leads the distinctive cheers of Barra Brava, one of the soccer team's fan clubs.
Ayman Nour
Egypt's burgeoning pro-democracy movements prepare for battle with president Hosni Mubarak ahead of September's election.
Lebanon pictures
Lebanese visit a photo exhibit in Martyr's Square in Beirut.

Disarming Hezbollah
People line up to see the Pope.
The line to view Pope John Paul II snakes miles around the streets outside Vatican City in Rome.

Panoramas | A Day in St. Peter's Square | Funeral
Boy in Sri Lanka
Video and Panoramas
Video, panoramic images and blog entries chronicle the rebuilding a small Sri Lankan fishing village hit by the 2004 tsunami.
Afghanistan Election
Citizens in the Middle East and Central Asia struggle to find the Democracy that's right for them.

Afghanistan Dispatches
West Bank Barrier
Video and Panoramas
A glimpse at how the West Bank barrier is affecting life on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Candidates Prepare for Palestinian Election
Joe Lieberman in New Hampshire
Video Commentary
The pundits try to get a good feel for the candidates' body language. The public in New Hampshire, however, just goes for a good feel.

Iowa | South Carolina

Boy in Afghanistan
In five vignettes of daily life, Return to Afghanistan captures a conservative society struggling to cope with enormous change.
Man in Iraqi Hospital
Video and Panoramas
Video and Panoramas from the 2003 war in Iraq.

Hospital's Garden Graveyard | Panoramas | Saddam's Head Tours Baghdad
Michael Flocco
Sheet metal worker Michael Flocco is helping rebuild the Pentagon after his son was killed in the attack there on Sept. 11, 2001.
Mourners in New York
New Yorkers reflect on the week's events and honor the dead at makeshift memorial sites around Manhattan.

Columns of Light
Nineta Daia
Nineta Daia, an HIV-positive orphan in Romania, walks everyday to the hospital for live-saving drugs. She usually finds none.
Woman in Yugoslavia
While some observers described the ouster of president Slobodan Milosevic as a "revolution," many people in Yugoslavia are less exuberant.

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