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• The Argentina Crisis: Argentina's economy slipped into crisis in 2001, throwing half the country's population into poverty. As Wall Street and global financial agencies abandoned the country, millions of Argentines found themselves in a day-to-day struggle for basic needs like food and housing. August 01, 2003

• Corporations Gone Awry: Since the fall of Enron, a wave of corporate scandals have damaged investor confidence as investors lost billions in the stock market. The talk on Wall Street and in Washington is now focused on restoring trust in the marketplace. August 14, 2002

• The Fall of Enron: Enron's complicated accounting practices and partnerships began to unravel in late 2001 when it announced a massive restatement, touching off many federal investigations and lawsuits. The company’s auditor, Arthur Andersen, was convicted of obstructing justice for shredding Enron related documents and the firm no longer performs audit work. Enron’s fallout has prompted federal regulators to take a closer look at corporate malfeasance and the way companies record financial transactions. July 22, 2002

• National Airport: Past and Future?: Historical perspective of Washington's landmark airport. September 21, 2001

• Montgomery Ward Closes Its Doors: Montgomery Ward closes after 128 years of business. December 28, 2000

• Black Friday: A look at the busiest shopping day of the year. November 25, 2000

• Final Sale: Employee Marion Chamblee Ross (l) helps long-time customers at Galt & Bro. Jewellers. James Galt first opened shop in October 1801 in Alexandria. The historic firm, now located in NW D.C., may soon close its doors for good. November 10, 2000

• Verizon Workers Strike: Telephone customers from Virginia to Maine yesterday confronted noticeable inconvenience on the first weekday since 86,000 workers went on strike against Verizon Communications, the dominant local telephone company along the East Coast. August 07, 2000

• U.S. vs. Microsoft: U.S. vs. Microsoft June 07, 2000

• China Trade Bill Pending: Campaign to grant China membership into the World Trade Organization. May 23, 2000

• Meanwhile, The Meeting Goes On: IMF and World Bank Ministers meet in Washington, D.C. despite protests in the streets. April 16, 2000

• Markets Swing: Stock markets' volatile day. April 04, 2000

• Reworking the Workplace: Merging technology and comfort in the work environment. March 31, 2000