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Living With Aids • Living With AIDS: Living with AIDS is no longer a guaranteed death sentence, but it's a daily battle. For AIDS patients Laurita Patten and Michael Mancilla, the physical, emotional and mental strain is oftentimes overwhelming; even with the help of powerful drugs and new treatments. “We live it every day. We don’t want to talk about it all the time; sometimes, we want to forget,” Patten said.” Easier said than done with a time-bomb disease like AIDS. Even if the patient is able to reduce the virus to undetectable levels with triple therapy, the chance of the virus rebounding is not unlikely. May 25, 2001

• Look for the 'Angel Acts': When 10-year-old Christopher Weschler's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, his world was turned upside down. He put his thoughts down on paper in an inspiring message of love and hope. May 08, 2001

• First Steps to Freedom: After being forced to flee Kosovo, a cripled teenager finds the help she and her family need to thwart a debilitating disease. February 19, 2001

• Hearing Things: Jeff Stibick hears for the first time after receiving a cochlear implant. September 28, 2000

• Dogs That Heal: Dogs are being trained to help all kinds of people with disabilities, not just the blind, and help the sick heal faster. July 24, 2000

• One Week of Joy: Children with the rare genetic disease, progeria, gathered in Washington DC for an annual week-long reunion. July 18, 2000

• Making Eyes: Michael Stitt receives a prosthetic eye created by ocularist John Kelley Jr. April 10, 2000

• Sean Elliot: Inside Game: After revealing his advanced kidney disease last July and then receiving a transplant from his brother, NBA star Sean Elliott defied the odds and returned to play for the San Antonio Spurs. April 03, 2000