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• Designing Inspirations: The nine rooms in the Washington Design Center's newest decorators' show house are on display until June 27. Get inspired. March 26, 2003

• David Mitchell at Home: Top interior designer David A. Mitchell shares secrets of his signature style. March 19, 2003

• Design on a Fast Track: The annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile is a think tank for the next wave of edgier-than-thou trends. But it has also provided memorable furniture for people who choose to live completely in their own time. May 09, 2002

• Home Alone: Three sets of empty nesters fix up their homes their way after the kids have gone. April 25, 2002

• Marimekko in Bloom: The bold, brash prints of Marimekko - the company that begot a million mod mid-century throw pillows and duvet covers - are hot again. These classic and new designs from the Finnish firm are all available today. February 22, 2002

• Building Blocks: Architectual details that make a house look like a home from the Washington Post Magazine. February 18, 2002

• A Wing and a Chair: A Style That Endures: The wing chair - the upholstered icon of the American living room - is as malleable as it is enduring. January 18, 2002

• Centerpieces Good Enough to Eat: Chefs and designers share splendid ideas for centerpieces that are festive, unusual and won’t cost more than the meal. December 23, 2001

• U.S. Botanic Garden: Reopened after a four-year, $33.5 million restoration, the U.S. Botanic Garden provides an other-worldly retreat at the foot of the U.S. Capitol. December 10, 2001

• White House Holiday Tour: Although all White House public tours have been suspended, first lady Laura Bush led a media tour on Dec. 3 of several holiday-decorated rooms. The season is celebrated in Christmas trees, custom-designed ornaments, replicas of presidential homes and a gingerbread White House. Come along on our room-by-room visit; view photo highlights of "Home for the Holidays." December 05, 2001

• The Vice President's Mansion: A fast track makeover opens up the mansion to light and art. November 14, 2001

• Home Gallery: The home furnishings business is moving away from the exotic and embracing traditional and classic styles. Take a look at the furniture that will hit stores and homes this spring. October 30, 2001

• Kentlands: Thirty minutes north of Washington, Kentlands, a "neotraditional" neighborhood built in Gaithersburg, Md., stands as testament to the way New Urbanist architects and developers are reshaping America's suburbs. October 24, 2001

• Improvising In Life, Love And Living Quarters: Graphic designer Kate Damon and Brain Kellogg, a comedy club manager, took a chance on love and 5,200 square feet of space in a century-old building near the District’s rising convention center. June 08, 2001

• Living Color: Three Homes, three variations on a palette. April 25, 2001

• Art You Can Dine On: Milans International Furniture Fair shows furniture customers might actually use. But the real appeal is seeing furniture raised to an art form. April 24, 2001

• What's Modern Now: Explore the Washington Design Center's decorator showhouse. April 03, 2001

• Rhythm and Form in Nature: Amy Lamb photographs flowers at very close range to reveal their architectural beauty. March 09, 2001

• Botanical Gardens: Plants and flowers wait to return to the U.S. Botanic Garden which is expected to reopen in September 2001, after a three-year, $33.5 million restoration. February 09, 2001

• Mad About Modern: Take a look inside the homes of two local families who are perfectly happy to dwell in a mid-century world. November 15, 2000

• A New Wave of Swedish Designers: Contemporary Swedish designers are still largely unknown in this country. Herewith a sampling of work by established masters and rising stars. October 26, 2000

• Trading Spaces: A new "reality" program, "Trading Spaces," gives neighbors $1,000 and 48 hours to test their interior design skills on each other’s homes—with sometimes surprising results. October 18, 2000

• 200 Years of History: Told in Tables and Chairs October 11, 2000

• Inside Stories: Four local professionals who design other people's space for a living offer a glimpse into their own homes. September 27, 2000

• Looking In on Local Talent: The talent of Washington's boldest interior designers is on display at the Washington Design Center. September 20, 2000

• Uncommon Sense: Two architects restore their Cleveland Park bungalow, one good idea at a time. September 14, 2000

• A Natural Place on the Eastern Shore: Explore architect Arthur Cotton Moore's personal abode. September 07, 2000

• Bonsai: Watch three videos and spin through 12 panoramas of the Bonsai Museum in the U.S. National Arboretum in Northeast Washington. July 19, 2000

• On the Edge: Sculptor Joe Anna Viudez turns to gardening as a different form of self-expression. April 30, 2000