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The Schiavo Case

The case of Terri Schiavo grabbed the nation's attention and raised many questions about the right to die and the federal government's role in those decisions. Socially conservative activists took up the case as a test of right-to-life principles, and Congress and President Bush eventually passed emergency legislation with the hope of saving her life. Others contended that the Schiavo case was a private matter and supported her husband's decision to remove the feeding tube.

Nation Section


Crossing Over: Despite unprecedented investment in technology and manpower along the U.S.-Mexican border, illegal immigrants are still coming over in waves and their numbers may be rising. 

Famed Lawyer Johnnie Cochran Dies of Tumor: Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., 67, the dogged lawyer whose emotional, sometimes flamboyant courtroom summations played to national audiences during his successful defense of O.J. Simpson, died March 29 at his home in Los Angeles. He had an inoperable brain tumor. March 29, 2005

Judge, Three Others Shot and Killed in Atlanta: A defendant in a rape case shot and killed a judge, a court reporter and a sheriff's deputy before fleeing an Atlanta courthouse and escaping in a stolen car Friday, March 11, 2005. Another deputy was critically wounded. March 11, 2005

Fossett Solo 'Round-the-World Flight: Despite earlier fears that he could run out of fuel, millionaire aviator Steve Fossett Thursday became the first person to fly around the globe solo without stopping, gliding his GlobalFlyer jet to a flawless landing in Salina, Kan., after being in the air for 67 hours. March 03, 2005

Bush Names Negroponte Intelligence Chief:  February 17, 2005

Bush's State of the Union Address 2005: President Bush used much of his annual address to Congress on Wednesday to call for a historic restructuring of Social Security and to advocate for "the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world." February 03, 2005

California Commuter Train Crash: A commuter train smashed into an SUV left on the tracks by a suicidal man, sending the train careening off the rails in a wreck that killed 10 people and injured about 200. January 26, 2005

Inauguration 2005: President Bush embarked on his second term, Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005. The day began with a private prayer service, followed by George W. Bush taking the oath of office and delivering his inaugural address. Following the swearing-in-ceremony at the Capitol, well-wishers lined up for the inaugural parade. Protesters took to the streets to oppose the president and clashed with police. January 20, 2005