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• Washington Area Voters Come Out in Droves: Polling places in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. reported long lines and few problems on Election Day. November 02, 2004

• Voters Head to the Polls: Election Day 2004: Nationwide, voters turn out in record numbers to determine the next President of the United States. November 02, 2004

• On the Trail With Kerry: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F. Kerry criss-crosses the country's battleground states during the final two weeks before election day on Nov. 2. October 25, 2004

• On the Trail With Bush: President Bush campaigns across the country during the final two weeks before election day on Nov. October 25, 2004

• 'Whatever It Takes': During the final day of the Republican National Convention Thursday, President Bush formally accepted his party's renomination for the presidency, telling the crowd, "I will never relent in defending America, whatever it takes September 02, 2004

• Day Three: Focused Attacks: The Republican convention closed Wednesday night with two speeches -- one by renegade Georgia Democrat, Sen. Zell Miller, the other by Vice President Cheney -- charging that Democratic challenger Sen. John F. Kerry was too soft on issues of national security to be an effective leader. September 01, 2004

• Day Two: Hope and Family: Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke enthusiastically of his optimistic vision for the future, then first lady Laura Bush offered a glimpse of George W. Bush, husband and father. August 31, 2004

• March on Manhattan: More than 200,000 anti-Bush protesters amassed in the streets of New York on Sunday, marching to the site of the Republican National Convention to vent their frustration, primarily over the war in Iraq. &theTitle=March on Manhattan August 30, 2004

• Grand Old Party Gets Underway: Republican party faithful gathered in New York's Madison Square Garden Monday for their national convention with the goal of reelecting President Bush and Vice President Cheney on November 2. August 30, 2004

• RNC Speakers: Photos of some of the speakers at the Republican National Convention August 27, 2004

• Bush's Barnstorming Tour: President Bush is hopscotching across America, visiting key swing states en route to the Republican National Convention, which opens Monday in New York August 27, 2004

• Kerry Claims Democratic Nomination: On the final day of the Democratic National Convention, delegates welcomed John Kerry to the FleetCenter to accept the party's nomination. Kerry said that "America can do better" than it has during the last four years under President Bush. July 29, 2004

• Edwards Buoys Democrats: On the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Sen. John Edwards accepted his party's nomination for the vice presidency. Sen. John Kerry will accept the presidential nomination Thursday. July 28, 2004

• Democrats Rally for Second Day: Democrats gathered for a second day in Boston to pass their party's platform and listen to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.), Senate candidate from Illinois Barack Obama and Teresa Heinz Kerry, among others, as they try to buoy supporters and set the stage for John Kerry's nomination on Thursday. July 27, 2004

• Democrats Kick Off Convention: In Boston, the Democratic Party opened their convention amid tight security. Former vice president Al Gore and former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton rallied delegates behind Sen. John Kerry, soon to be the party's nominee. July 26, 2004

• Boston Prepares for Democrats: Hours away from hosting the Democrats, Boston -- its streets as well as its FleetCenter -- is busy with final preparations for the July 26 start of the Democratic National Convention, where John Kerry will formally accept his party's nomination for the presidency of the United States. July 25, 2004

• DNC Speakers: Speakers at the DNC Convention July 25, 2004

• Kerry on the Stump: In the week leading up to Monday's Democratic Convention, Sen. John Kerry campaigned among veterans, teachers, African Americans and swing voters. He also found a little time for recreation. July 23, 2004

• Debut of Kerry-Edwards Ticket: Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John F. Kerry selected his new running mate, Sen. John Edwards. July 08, 2004

• From Rival to Running Mate: North Carolina Sen. John Edwards is presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John F. Kerry's choice to fill the 2004 ticket. A southerner, Edwards may help Democrats make gains in a region that was once a party stronghold. July 06, 2004

• Eyes on the Occupation: Look at Baghdad through the eyes of its cartoonists and you will see a different city than the one captured in the zoom lenses of Fox News and al Jazeera. On TV news you rarely see an Iraqi smile or wink. In cartoons, they do it all the time. May 14, 2004

• White House Correspondents' Dinner: Hollywood and Washington, including President George W. Bush, got together again for the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington. May 02, 2004

• Kerry's Path to Victory: n just 43 days, Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry went from being an also-ran candidate to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. He did it by beating out one of the largest fields of contenders in the modern campaign era, winnowing the field one by one. On Super Tuesday, he claimed his prize as the victor of 27 of 30 Democratic contests during the campaign. March 03, 2004

• Gay Marriages: San Francisco has become a flash point for the national gay marriage debate after the city began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The issue has inflamed passions on both sides in other cities. February 17, 2004

• Va., Tenn. Primaries: Tuesday's primaries in Virginia in Tennessee are the first in the South since Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry was handed the only losses of his campaign last week in South Carolina and Oklahoma. February 09, 2004

• Kerry Wins Big in Feb. 3 Primaries: Tuesday electionMassachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry won five of the seven state that selected deleagates Tuesday in the Democratic presidential race. North Carolina Sen. John Edwards and retired Gen. Wesley K. Clark each won one state, and Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman dropped out of the race. February 04, 2004

• New Hampshire Has Its Say: The leading Democratic candidates for president thank their supporters as the results from the New Hampshire primary are tabulated. Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry won the nation's first primary and rival Howard Dean of Vermont finished second. January 27, 2004

• New Hampshire Primary: Making the Most of the Final Hours Democratic presidential candidates and New Hampshire voters make the most of the few remaining hours before polls close in the nations' first primary -- an traditionally influential contest in the campaing for the party's presidential nomination. January 27, 2004

• 2004 State of the Union: President Bush devoted the final State of the Union address of his term to a vigorous and sometimes combative defense of his actions as president. January 21, 2004

• Iowa Caucus Begins Election Year: After a final crush of campaigning, Democrats in Iowa cast the first votes to determine which Democrat will challenge President Bush in November. January 19, 2004

• Former Sen. Paul Simon Dies: The Illinois Democrat, former two-term senator and presidential candidate whose horn-rimmed, bow-tied conservatism was balanced by a social liberalism, died Dec. 9, a day after undergoing heart surgery. He was 75. December 09, 2003

• California Recall: As political novice Arnold Schwarzenegger became the governor-elect of the largest state Tuesday night, Gov. Gray Davis prepared to end his tenure. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and state Sen. Tom McClintock conceded defeat, but will continue to serve out their terms under Schwarzenegger. October 08, 2003

• Voters Decide Davis's Fate: Early turnout was heavy as Californians made their choice on whether or not their governor, Gray Davis, should be recalled. On a separate ballot in the historic election, more than 135 names were offered as a possible replacement, most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and Lt. Gov. Cruz. October 07, 2003

• Clark to Run: Retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark was a late entry into the already crowded field of Democrats vying for the party's presidential bid. Clark's supporters feel that his military background and expertise in foreign policy offers the Democrats their best chance to challenge President Bush for the White House in 2004. September 16, 2003

• Schwarzenegger for Calif. Governor: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today he will run as a Republican candidate in the race for governor of California in the recall election on Oct. 7. August 07, 2003

• Kerry Taps Graham: Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) is one of the most popular politicians in Florida, a state that is crucial to Democrats' hopes of retaking the White House. Graham's political success and resume make him a serious candidate for president, but many Democrats are uncertain of how he will adapt to the rigors of a national campaign. July 25, 2003

• Kerry Taps Gephardt: Sixteen years after his first try for the presidency, Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) is among the best-known Democrats in the 2004 race. But after four failed attempts to re-take Congress, some Democrats ask if the former House minority leader is the right man to re-take the White House. July 18, 2003

• Carol Moseley Braun: Ex-ambassador Carol Moseley Braun was the first African American woman to serve in the Senate. Braun's bid to be the first woman and African American to be president puts her among a lower-tier of niche candidates, who some Democrats fear could drain support on the left from others in the race. July 11, 2003

• Howard Dean: Almost completely unknown before his White House bid, despite having been one of the nation's longest-serving Democratic governors, pugnacious Howard Dean of Vermont has vaulted from dark-horse contender to top-tier candidate in the race for his party's nomination. July 02, 2003

• Farewell to Strom Thurmond: Former Sen. Thurmond, the oldest person ever to hold the office, was remembered in Columbia, the capital of his home state. Thurmond represented South Carolina in Washington for 48 years. Before that, he served as South Carolina's governor. July 01, 2003

• Al Sharpton: Once known for fanning the flames of New York's racial strife, activist Al Sharpton is mounting an uphill campaign for president. A respectable showing could establish him as the new Jesse L. Jackson -- and cause problems for his democratic rivals. June 27, 2003

• Remembering Strom Thurmond: Former senator James Strom Thurmond, 100, died June 26, 2003. Thurmond was the oldest person to serve in the Senate, retiring in 2003 after eight terms. This gallery takes a look back at his personal and political milestones over the past century. June 26, 2003

• Dennis J. Kucinich: Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) is one of the most liberal candidates for president. A former mayor of Cleveland, he is also one of the least known of the Democratic aspirants, whose low national profile makes him one of his party's longest long shots. June 18, 2003

• Joseph I. Lieberman: Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is the most conservative Democrat in the presidential race. The 2000 vice presidential nominee has credibility on national security issues and was among the most hawkish voices on Iraq. But he has also been tagged as too conservative to win the support of his party's liberal base. June 04, 2003

• John F. Kerry: Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry has been asked when he would run for president since the early 1970s, when the decorated Vietnam veteran became a prominent anti-war activist. Three decades later, he is among the best-known Democratic presidential candidates in a crowded field. May 30, 2003

• Kerry Taps Edwards: Democrat John Edwards is a fresh face from the South, where Democrats will need to make gains in 2004 to recapture the White House. May 30, 2003

• Kerry Taps Edwards: Democrat John Edwards is a fresh face from the South, where Democrats will need to make gains in 2004 to recapture the White House. May 30, 2003

• Fleischer Resigns: As President Bush prepares for his reelection campaign, he's going to have a new face for his public voice as Press Secretary Ari Fleischer has decided to leave his post at the White House. "I love this job," Fleischer said, adding, "My heart tells me it's time to go." May 19, 2003

• The State of the Union: President Bush delivered his second State of the Union address Jan. 28 and took the nation to the edge of war with Iraq, declaring that Saddam Hussein had missed his "final chance" by showing contempt for U.N. weapons inspections. January 29, 2003

• The State of the Union - A Century of Presidential Addresses: Though the U.S. Constitution sets forth that "the president shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union," there is no law mandating the annual address. In fact, for more than a century, there wasn't a speech at all. In the last 90 years, however, the State of the Union has evolved from an administrative procedure into a major event, one in which the president is afforded a rare opportunity to speak directly and unchallenged to lawmakers and to the public. January 24, 2003

• The 108th Congress Takes Office: In a mix of the formal and informal, the new session of the House and Senate got underway with pomp, ceremony and serious business. January 08, 2003

• Race, Politics, and Trent Lott: A look the political career of Trent Lott, the influence of race in politics and the integration of the University of Mississippi. December 20, 2002

• Gore Book Signing: Cristina Belen waits to meet former vice president Al Gore and wife, Tipper Gore, at a book signing in Arlington. The Gores were out promoting their two new books:The Spirit of FamilyandJoined at the Heart: The Transformation of the American Family December 07, 2002

• Strom Thurmond: Reaching a Milestone: Sen. James Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.) turns 100 years old Dec. 5. This gallery takes a look back at the oldest senator's personal and political milestones over the past century. December 03, 2002

• Mr. Resident: A gavel stroke away from being the world's most powerful human, he becomes someone's suburban neighbor instead. What is that like? Al Gore wasn't telling . . . until now. November 12, 2002

• Elections 2002: Multimedia coverage of Elections 2002. November 05, 2002

• Mourners Pay Tribute to Sen. Wellstone: More than 20,000 people gathered Tuesday at Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis, Minn., to attend a memorial service for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone. Wellstone, an unabashed "liberal," was locked in a tough reelection fight that could determine which party controls the Senate when he was killed Friday in a plane crash along with his wife, daughter, three campaign workers and two pilots. October 30, 2002

• Through the Years: Ehrlich and Townsend: Photographs of Republican Robert Ehrlich Jr. and Democrat Kathleen Kennedy Townsend span their childhoods and political careers. The two candidates are vying for the governorΥs office in Maryland. October 29, 2002

• Sen. Paul Wellstone (1944-2002): Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.), his wife, and two campaign aides are among eight killed in an airplane crash near Eveleth, Minn. October 25, 2002

• Voters Head to the Polls: Residents in Maryland and the District joined citizens across the nation as they headed to the polls to choose the candidates who will appear on the November ballots. September 10, 2002

• The Insiders: Every election has its cast of characters. Videojournalist Ben de la Cruz and producers Suzette McLoone and Jason Thompson spent several months profiling these political insiders. There are the safe party leaders, often unopposed, like Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), and there are the longshot challengers, such as Democratic congressional candidate Ben "Cooter" Jones of Virginia. There are professional consultants, such as Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, and political amateurs, such as Maryland GOP volunteer activist Scott Graham. August 13, 2002

• Watergate Burglary Evidence: Early in the morning of June 17, 1972, five men were arrested while attempting to bug the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate hotel and copy sensitive documents. Evidence gathered during the subsequent criminal investigation was documented in photographs, now kept on file at the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Md. June 14, 2002

• Hughes to Leave White House: Karen P. Hughes, President Bush's closest aide throughout his meteoric political rise and the highest-ranking female in White House history, announced she will leave her post this summer to return to Texas. April 23, 2002

• Election 2002 Kicks Off in California: Upsets and low voter turnout mark the California primary opening Election 2002. March 06, 2002

• 10 Days in September: The Sept. 11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center transformed a nation and its people. On the night of Sept. 11, President Bush met with his war cabinet and started America on the road to war. Nine days later, the president would address the nation before a joint session of Congress. Those 10 days -- Sept. 11 to Sept. 20 -- marked a crucial turning point in the country's history as the U.S. confronted the threat of international terrorism. January 27, 2002

• Hillary Clinton Moves to the Senate: With her husband clapping and smiling in the wings, Hillary Rodham Clinton formally announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate on Feb. 6, 2000, in Purchase, N.Y. Pundits frothed over the possibilities of the first lady running against New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, but Giuliani would decide against running for health reasons. January 22, 2002

• Hillary Clinton's White House Years: Before becoming the junior senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton was a supporting pillar in the long political career of her husband, Bill Clinton. Her husband’s run for the presidency would hit the future first lady with a wave of political scandals that would occupy much of her time during her years in the White House. January 22, 2002

• The Consortium Report: A Review of the Florida Vote:  November 12, 2001

• The First 100 Days of George W. Bush: An Interactive Calendar:  October 23, 2001

• The Clinton Years: A chronological retrospective of key moments from the Clinton years in photographs, news stories, transcripts, and special reports. March 21, 2001

• Inaugural Galas: As many as 50,000 people dressed up in their finery to attend one of the eight official galas across the city where President and Mrs. Bush took their ceremonial spin across the dance floor. January 21, 2001

• George W. Bush: The 43rd President: The events surrounding the inauguration of George W. Bush. January 21, 2001

• Inaugural Protests: An Inauguration Day filled with Drama and Defiance. January 21, 2001

• Clinton's Final Day: On Clinton's last day as president, he pulled an all-nighter then watched the inauguration of his successor, George W. Bush. January 20, 2001