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A Flush Candidate's Debt Worries: Sen. Cantwell Owes $3 Million, and Her Portfolio Is in the Tank (Post, March 15, 2001)

Cantwell Senate Victory Over Gorton Upheld: Democrat's Win Prompts Party to Push for 'Power Sharing' (Post, Dec. 2, 2000)

In Washington State, Recount Without Rancor: A Country Away, Washington's Tally Hums Along (Post, Nov. 30, 2000)

Cantwell Edges Gorton: Senate Split Possible (Post, Nov. 23, 2000)

Washington Senate Race Still Too Close to Call  (Post, Nov. 23, 2000)

Wash. Senate Race Threatens GOP Edge in Senate: Gorton's, Senate GOP's Edge at Risk (Post, Nov. 12, 2000)

Gorton, Cantwell Locked in Tight Race  (CQ, Nov. 8, 2000)

Pacific Northwest Voters Hard to Pin Down  (Post, Sept. 29, 2000)

Cantwell Wins Wash. Primary to Take on Gorton  (CQ, Sept. 20, 2000)

Cantwell Surges Toward Wash. Senate Primary  (CQ, Sept. 18, 2000)

Campaign on the Web: Deep Links and High Jinks: Deep Links and High Jinks; Photo Flap Sparks Accusations, Lesson in Retaliation (Post, June 15, 2000)

Gorton, Opponent Engage in Internet Subterfuge  (CQ, June 14, 2000)

Labor Backs Senn-Sational Campaign  (CQ, April 18, 2000)

Native Americans Challenge Gorton  (Post, April 3, 2000)

Native Americans Challenge Gorton: Rights Issues Spur Campaign to Oust Sen. Gorton (Post, April 3, 2000)

Democratic Primary Looms in Washington Senate Race  (CQ, Nov. 11, 1999)


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