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Murkowski's Swearing-In as Governor Sets Stage for Senate Succession

Who Wants to Be a Senator?
Sen. Frank H. Murkowski (R-Alaska) has released his, er, short list of possible replacements in the Senate for when he returns to the state next month to be governor.

Murkowski Gives GOP Shot at Elusive Governorship
While the GOP hasn't won Alaska's gubernatorial election since 1978, Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles is term-limited, and Republicans have a candidate with a long history of success in statewide politics: four-term Sen. Frank H. Murkowski.

Murkowski Enters Race from D.C. to Juneau
Some politicians might think it's better to be a ranking U.S. senator than the executive of a jurisdiction with fewer residents than, say, Prince George's County. Not Sen. Frank H. Murkowski.

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