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Pryor Knocks Off Hutchinson
Democrat Mark Pryor, son of former Democratic Sen. David Pryor (1979-97), beat Republican incumbent Sen. Tim Hutchinson in a win that was widely expected by both Republicans and Democrats.

Ark. Election News
Hutchinson Struggling to Keep Arkansas Senate Seat for GOP: Race Against Ex-Senator's Son Is Nasty, Expensive and Close (Post, Oct. 28, 2002)

Washington Changed Hutchinson, Democrats Say (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 4, 2002; 5:35 PM)

In Tight Arkansas Senate Race, Family Matters (Post, Aug. 3, 2002)

The Pol and The Pendulum (Post, July 8, 2002)

Ark. Sen. Hutchinson Easily Wins Primary (Congressional Quarterly, May 22, 2002; 8:13 PM)

Rendell Wins Pa. Gubernatorial Primary (Post, May 22, 2002)

Ark. Democrats Take Aim at Sen. Hutchinson (Congressional Quarterly, May 9, 2002; 5:04 PM)

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