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In Maine and Pa., Bush Tries to Rouse GOP
President Bush devoted himself Tuesday to a pair of races for the U.S. House, underscoring the fierce fight by the GOP to maintain its razor-thin majority.

Maine Election News
Bush Continues Campaign Push: President Devotes Day to Helping Republicans Maintain the House (Post, Oct. 22, 2002; 12:02 PM)

'Soprano'-Style Politics: Third-Party Candidates in Maine and Arizona Find Hard-Hitting Attack Ads Hit Back (washingtonpost.com, Oct. 17, 2002; 10:45 AM)

In Maine, Adversaries Seek Rx for Drug Costs (Post, Aug. 25, 2002)

GOP Awaits Results in S.C., Maine Primaries (Congressional Quarterly, June 13, 2002; 11:09 PM)

In Maine, GOP Picks Gubernatorial Challenger (Congressional Quarterly, June 12, 2002; 1:17 AM)

Wide-Open House Primary in Maine's 2nd District (Congressional Quarterly, June 10, 2002; 2:59 PM)

Baldacci Has Edge for Maine Governor, but Independents Are Factor (Congressional Quarterly, June 10, 2002; 1:46 PM)

In Maine, 10 Candidates Want to Be First in the 2nd (Post, June 10, 2002)

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