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Taking Heat for Townsend's Loss
When he heard that people were calling him the man who lost Maryland to the Republicans, Alan Fleischmann offered a wide-ranging defense.

GOP Studies Ehrlich Win for Lessons
Republicans across the country will be watching in hopes that Ehrlich has hit upon a strategy that can help extend their grip on power deep into Democratic territory.

Md. Election News
Unapologetic Townsend Moving On (Nov. 8, 2002)

Quick Start, Ready Help For Ehrlich (Nov. 7, 2002)

Van Hollen Win Makes Waves: Lawmaker Gains Leverage as One of Democrats' 'Few Bright Spots' (Nov. 7, 2002)

Sad but Stoical, Morella Is Trying to Understand (Nov. 7, 2002)

The Dimming of the Kennedy Aura: Townsend's Defeat Is Latest Indicator (Nov. 7, 2002)

Ehrlich Stuns Townsend for Governor: GOP Leader Is Md.'s 1st Since '60s; Steele 1st Black in Statewide Office (Nov. 6, 2002)

Van Hollen Ousts Morella: Democrats Abandon Popular Incumbent (Nov. 6, 2002)

Maryland Voters Deliver a Call for Change: White Women Prove to Be The Winning Edge for Ehrlich (Nov. 6, 2002)

GOP Revels in Unlikely Win, Chance to Change Policy in Md. (Nov. 6, 2002)

Kennedy Family's Electoral Mystique Falls Short Again At Maryland Polls (Nov. 6, 2002)

Democrat Ruppersberger Gains Redrawn Md. 2nd (Nov. 5, 2002)

Democrats Finally Topple GOP Rep. Morella in Maryland (Nov. 5, 2002)

Ruppersberger Beats Bentley To Replace Ehrlich in House (Nov. 6, 2002)

Campaigns Trade Allegations of Illicit Canvassing: Authorities Probe Use of Paid Workers (Nov. 6, 2002)

For a Cheerful Ehrlich, a Dash to a Gleeful Finish (Nov. 6, 2002)

Into the Night and the Rain, Townsend Continued Chase (Nov. 6, 2002)

Area Candidates Keep on Stumping: Townsend, Ehrlich, Others Make Calls and Shake Hands on Election Eve (Nov. 5, 2002)

Allegations Of Fraud, Intimidation In Md. Race: Townsend, Ehrlich Get Ready for Tight Finish (Nov. 5, 2002)

Ehrlich's Pitch Is Still to Moderates: Sensing Possible Win, Conservatives Go Along (Nov. 4, 2002)

In Maryland, Stumping for Democrats: Ehrlich and Townsend Scramble for the Center in Final Weekend (Nov. 4, 2002)

Breathless Pace for Morella, Van Hollen (Nov. 4, 2002)

Playing for Md.'s Swing Vote: Close Race Pushes Both Parties to Get Supporters to the Polls (Nov. 3, 2002)

Party Lines Are Drawn on Morella's Home Turf (Nov. 3, 2002)

Clinton Appeals for Black Vote: At Prince George's Church, Ex-President Stumps for Md. Democrats (Nov. 2, 2002)

Campaigns Take On an Ethnic Flavor: Candidates Respond To Growing Numbers (Nov. 2, 2002)

Van Hollen Reiterates Opposition to Death Penalty: During Debate in Close Race, Morella Refuses to 'Jump to a Conclusion' Before Trial in Sniper Case (Nov. 1, 2002)

Blurring Party Lines: As Van Hollen Rallies Democrats, GOP Helps Morella Try to Woo Them (Nov. 1, 2002)

Gore Invokes 2000 Vote to Help Townsend: Celebrity Speakers Include Kennedys, King as Democrats Push Black Turnout (Nov. 1, 2002)

Making of a Minnesota Debacle (Oct. 31, 2002)

Straddling the Economic Divide: Ehrlich's Zeal to Succeed Clicks With Poor and Prosperous (Oct. 29, 2002)

Maryland's 2nd District Key Partisan Battleground: Outcome Could Affect Control of Congress (Oct. 29, 2002)

Ride's Gotten Bumpier on Townsend Bus: Volunteers on Week-Long Caravan Have Less to Sing About As Race Tightens (Oct. 29, 2002)

Embracing the Family Business: For Townsend, Politics Was Second, Not Second Nature (Oct. 28, 2002)

Md. Governor's Race a Dead Heat: Turnout of Black Voters Could Hold Key to Decision, Poll Indicates (Oct. 27, 2002)

Ehrlich's Fundraising Surpasses Townsend's: Gubernatorial Race Costliest in Md. History (Oct. 25, 2002)

Townsend Attacked on Gun Checks: State's Enforcement Negligent, Ehrlich Says (Oct. 24, 2002)

Glendening Eyes Safety of Polling Places: Md. Governor Mulls Calling Out National Guard for Election Day (Oct. 23, 2002)

Officials Worry About Effect Of Sniper on Md. Elections: Reduction in Voter Turnout Could Influence Close Races (Oct. 23, 2002)

Van Hollen Pushes the Party Issue: Morella Criticizes Remark by Democrat's Campaign Manager (Oct. 22, 2002)

Tug of War Over Women in Md.'s 8th (Oct. 21, 2002)

Campaigning With a Big Shtick: Ehrlich's 'Regular Guy' Image May Fudge Facts, But It Has Won Fans -- Even Outside the GOP (Oct. 21, 2002)

Md. Hopefuls Fill Airwaves With TV Ads: Ehrlich, Townsend Set Spending Record (Oct. 18, 2002)

Campaigns Suffer Since Attacks: As Election Nears, Public's Attention Is Focused on Sniper Shootings (Oct. 17, 2002)

Morella Warns of Party Ploy: Republican Cites Value of Keeping Her in GOP House (Oct. 17, 2002)

For Van Hollen, Campaigning Never Ends (Oct. 16, 2002)

For Morella, Independence Carries a Cost: Supporters Waver in High-Stakes Race (Oct. 15, 2002)

Ehrlich's Career Fueled by Charisma (Oct. 13, 2002)

Morella Goes On the Attack In New Ad: Van Hollen Assailed On Spending, Tax Cut (Oct. 11, 2002)

Attacks Mute Debate on Gun Control in Congress, Md. (Oct. 10, 2002)

Shootings Tone Down Gun-Law Politicking: Townsend Takes Swipe At Ehrlich's Votes (Oct. 8, 2002)

Md. Candidates Racing for the Bottom Line: Bush, Ehrlich Set Fund Record; Sen. Clinton Rallies to Van Hollen (Oct. 3, 2002)

Circumventing Money Limits in Md. Campaigns: Donors Can Contribute Funds To Parties' Special Accounts (Sept. 30, 2002)

Analysts Doubt Md. Voters Won In First Debate: Townsend, Ehrlich Talked Shop (Sept. 28, 2002)

Townsend Offers Details For Managing Budget Crisis: With Cuts and New Revenue, Plan Tries to Avoid Tax Rise (Sept. 27, 2002)

Attacks Sharpen in Md. Debate: Townsend's Experience Questioned; Ehrlich's Record Challenged (Sept. 27, 2002)

A Critical Moment in Md. Governor's Race: Townsend, Ehrlich Prepare for Campaign's Only Possible Face-Off Tonight (Sept. 26, 2002)

Ehrlich Backs Bill That Limits Suits Against Gunmakers: NARAL Criticizes Vote on Abortion (Sept. 26, 2002)

Md. Contenders Face Off Tonight: Budget Trouble at Issue as Ehrlich, Townsend Plan Strategy for First TV Debate (Sept. 26, 2002)

Republican Offers Few New Details on Fixing Md. Spending: Ehrlich Says He Would Streamline Agencies (Sept. 25, 2002)

Show of Support for Townsend: Democrats Voice Loyalty, but Some Privately Seek Distance (Sept. 24, 2002)

Ehrlich Tries to Redirect Gun Debate: Democrats Slam Md. Candidate's Call for Look at Laws (Sept. 23, 2002)

Morella Struggles to Hold On to Liberal Groups' Support (Sept. 22, 2002)

GOP Governors Put Money Into Ehrlich Campaign: Onetime Long Shot Could Get $500,000 In National Aid in Bid to Upset Townsend (Sept. 22, 2002)

Townsend Fires New Strategist For 'Nazi' Remark (Sept. 21, 2002)

Ehrlich Making Inroads With Moderate Voter Base (Sept. 20, 2002)

Ehrlich Sees Revenue in Slot Machines: Democrats Decry Plan For Closing Budget Gap (Sept. 20, 2002)

Townsend Ad Assails Ehrlich on Education: Spot Attempts to Link Nominee With Gingrich (Sept. 18, 2002)

Morella Plays Down Party Ties to Ehrlich: GOP Nominee's Views Seen as a Hindrance (Sept. 18, 2002)

In Battle for the 8th, Democrats Join Ranks: Morella Warns Against 'Partisanship' (Sept. 14, 2002)

Ehrlich Says He'd Review Gun Laws: Candidate Questions Impact on Md. Crime (Sept. 14, 2002)

Quietly, Democrats Rally to Van Hollen (Sept. 12, 2002)

Van Hollen Edges Shriver; Will Face Morella (Sept. 11, 2002)

Write-Ins, Shoo-Ins: Primary Has It All: D.C., Maryland Races Offer Plenty of Drama (Sept. 10, 2002)

Shriver Criticizes Rival's Comments on Legislative Record: Van Hollen Ads Are Called Misleading (Sept. 6, 2002)

One Contested Senate Race As Others Await November: Most Candidates Face No Challenge (Sept. 5, 2002)

4 Vie to Face Morella In 8th District Race: Wynn Has Former Aide as Challenger (Sept. 5, 2002)

In Morella's Precinct, Democrats Face Tough Choice (Sept. 8, 2002)

The Kennedy Touch: Cousins Draw on Network of Ties (Sept. 8, 2002)

Md. Rep. Gilchrest Challenged From the Right (Sept. 6, 2002)

The Ground War for Md.'s 8th: Troops, High-Tech Operations Help Candidates Target Votes (Sept. 5, 2002)

Townsend Faults Mentor for Attack on Schaefer (Sept. 4, 2002)

Md. Race a Political Grudge Match: Schaefer Battling Against Governor -- And an Opponent (Sept. 2, 2002)

Amid Jabs, Schaefer Endorses Townsend: Ex-Governor Chides Glendening in Speech (Aug. 31, 2002)

Md. Incumbent Not Republican Enough for Foes: GOP Group Targets Rep. Gilchrest With Rival, Rush of Money in District 1 (Aug. 31, 2002)

Underdog Shapiro Has A Résumé With Teeth: Md. Candidate Emphasizes Hill Experience (Aug. 29, 2002)

Ehrlich Adding a Face to His Name: Campaign Ad Targets Voters in Md. Suburbs (Aug. 29, 2002)

Gun Control Issue Emerges as a Key In Md. 8th District (Aug. 28, 2002)

Van Hollen a Reluctant Campaigner: Fans See Focus on Issues; Critics, Hidden Ambition (Aug. 28, 2002)

Townsend Adds A Little Seasoning: Second Campaign Pro Hired (Aug. 20, 2002)

Shriver To Take Campaign To TV: Ad's Testimonials To Tout His Record (Aug. 16, 2002)

New Focus in Probe Of Anti-Crime Office (Aug. 15, 2002)

Major Shift Needed, Allies Tell Townsend: Hiring of Veteran Campaign Chief Urged (Aug. 15, 2002)

Out-of-State Cash Pours In To Townsend: 41% of $6.6 Million Is From Beyond Md. (Aug. 14, 2002)

Townsend Camp Raises A Record $6.6 Million: Total Surpasses '98 Campaign Amounts (Aug. 13, 2002)

Army of Consultants Molds Hot Md. Race: Veterans Prod Both Candidates, Voters (Aug. 12, 2002)

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