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Wellstone Staff's Somber Last Duties
Staff members of Paul D. Wellstone are packing records of his 12 years in office to fulfill the late senator's wish that his official papers would be donated to the Minnesota Historical Society so researchers and citizens could review his work.

Letter From Minnesota
In Face of Tragedy, the Machinery of Politics Moves On
The tragic death of Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.) in an airplane crash 10 days before the election set off a chain of events that are a reminder of the premium our system of governanceand our societyplaces on moving on.

Minn. Election News
Another Political Career Closes in Minnesota: Mondale Retires as Senate Victor Coleman Reaches Out (Nov. 7, 2002)

Mondale Concedes to Coleman in Minnesota (Nov. 6, 2002)

Ventura Choice Adds to Senate Uncertainty: Longtime Ally of Governor Is Uncommitted on Which Party He'll Align With (Nov. 5, 2002)

Debate and Interim Pick for Senate in Minn. (Nov. 5, 2002)

Mondale, Coleman Square Off in Debate (Nov. 4, 2002)

Bush Urges Minn. To Back Coleman: President Pays Tribute to Wellstone (Nov. 4, 2002)

Self-Described Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal To Be Minnesota's Short-Serving Senator (Nov. 4, 2002)

GOP Heavy Hitters Stump in Minn.: Mondale and Coleman Agree to Debate; Republican Courts Undecided Voters (Nov. 3, 2002)

Mondale Courts Young Voters in Seeking Old Spot: Brief Campaign Aimed at Party's Liberal Base (Nov. 2, 2002)

'Future' Confronts Past in Minnesota: GOP's Coleman Says Mondale Lacks Vision (Nov. 1, 2002)

Norm Coleman, Rerunning Hard In Minnesota (Nov. 1, 2002)

In Minn., Mondale Joins Race For Senate: Former Vice President Stands In for Wellstone (Oct. 31, 2002)

For Mondale, a 'Sweet Spot' Beckoned: Former Aides Not Surprised by His Decision to Run (Oct. 31, 2002)

Mondale to Run for Senate (Oct. 30, 2002)

Win One for Wellstone? (Oct. 30, 2002)

Mondale Would Accept Nomination to Replace Wellstone (Oct. 30, 2002)

For Wellstone, Cheers and Tears: Memorial Service Draws Thousands to Honor Senator's Politics and Personality (Oct. 30, 2002)

Stage is Set for Mondale to Take On Coleman (Oct. 29, 2002)

Minnesota's Other Race Is Overshadowed: Gubernatorial Candidates In Tight Contest (Oct. 30, 2002)

Short Race, Long Vote Count Expected in Minnesota Senate Race (Oct. 28, 2002)

Gingrich Accusations Come Under Scrutiny: Social Security Accusations May Be Inaccurate (Oct. 28, 2002)

GOP Takes Aim at Mondale in Minn. Race: Ex-Vice President's Record Already Under Fire in Battle to Replace Wellstone (Oct. 28, 2002)

Mondale Likely To Yield to Pleas To Run for Senate (Oct. 27, 2002)

Minn. Democrats Look to Mondale: Party Mourns, Has Until Next Thursday to Name New Nominee (Oct. 26, 2002)

Minnesota Democrats Look to Mondale To Carry Liberal Torch (Oct. 28, 2002)

Wellstone Dies in Plane Crash: Wife, Daughter, Five Others Killed in Minn. (Oct. 26, 2002)

An Unapologetic Liberal: Senators Mourn 'Fearless Public Servant and Tireless Advocate for Justice' (Oct. 26, 2002)

For Wellstone, Iraq Vote Is Risk But Not a Choice: Principles May Be Costly in November (Oct. 9, 2002)

Lush Twin Cities Suburbs Are Field for Third Luther-Kline House Battle (Sept. 16, 2002)

Social Security Is Key Issue in Minn. House Race (Sept. 13, 2002)

Wellstone Catching Breaks in Key Minn. Race (Sept. 12, 2002)

Primary Contests Calm in Conn., Minn. and Vt. (Sept. 11, 2002)

Penny Pitched Gubernatorial Bid at Minn. Fair (Sept. 9, 2002)

Penny Pinched: Common Cents in Candidate's Campaign May Be At Odds With Law (Aug. 28, 2002)

In Minnesota, U.S. House Campaigns Become Battleground for Spy vs. Spy (Aug. 12, 2002)

Hard Fights, Soft Money in Minn., S.D. (July 29, 2002)

Late Rep. Vento's Son Drops Out (July 18, 2002)

Legacy's Bid Surprises Minn.'s McCollum (July 17, 2002)

Penny Cinches Third Party Bid as Rival Withdraws: Christine Jax Bows Out in Race for Minnesota Governor (July 15, 2002)

Ex-Minn. Rep. Penny Coins New Role: Independent Governor Hopeful (June 29, 2002)

Independence, Minnesota?: Ex-Rep. Penny Courts Same 'Sensible Center' That Backed Ventura (July 1, 2002)

Embattled Ventura Won't Seek Reelection: Minn. Governor Cites Politics' 'Dirtiness,' Not Low Approval Ratings, in Decision (June 19, 2002)

Ventura Vetoes 2nd Term Bid (June 18, 2002)

Minn. GOP Convention May Move Toward Center (June 13, 2002)

Minnesota's Rep. Luther to Switch Districts: Shift to 2nd Congressional District Avoids Incumbent Match-Up in 6th (May 14, 2002)

Minn. May Be Key to Senate's Helm: Democrat Wellstone Faces Tough Challenge From Contender Handpicked by Bush (May 12, 2002)

Minnesota Rep. Luther Ponders Where - or Whether - to Run (May 7, 2002)

Minn. Democrats Gather for State Convention (May 1, 2002)

Kennedy to Challenge Luther in Minn. 6th (March 25, 2002)

Kennedy Mulls Where to Run After Minnesota Remap (March 22, 2002)

Minnesota Remap Could Put Two Reps. on Spot: Kennedy, Luther May End Up in Same District (March 20, 2002)

In Minnesota Polls, a Ventura Takedown (March 17, 2002)

Wellstone, Facing Reelection, Isn't Retreating on Taxes (Feb. 17, 2002)

With Minnesota Voters, Ventura Could Be Down for the Count (Dec. 2, 2001)

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