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After Attack Ad, the Counteroffensive
Mike Taylor says he can see it in people's eyes -- the embarrassment, the lingering questions, his life reduced to tabloid fodder. But if he achieves nothing else, Taylor is barnstorming across snowy Montana in his quixotic campaign for the Senate with a unique message: He is not a crooked gay hairstylist.

Mont. Election News
Taylor Reenters Montana Senate Race (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 22, 2002; 3:45 PM)

Pulling the Torricelli: In Montana and Hawaii, Political Parties Try to Follow New Jersey's Lead (washingtonpost.com, Oct. 12, 2002)

Baucus Opponent Withdraws (Post, Oct. 11, 2002)

Montana GOP Senate Nominee Ends Campaign (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 10, 2002; 7:05 PM)

Baucus-Taylor Matchup Set for Montana Senate (Congressional Quarterly, June 5, 2002; 1:05 AM)

Republicans Make Few Waves in Big Sky (Congressional Quarterly, June 4, 2002; 8:33 AM)

Despite Edge, GOP Lacks Big Name to Challenge Baucus (Congressional Quarterly, April 12, 2002; 2:13 PM)

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