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Sununu Defeats Shaheen
Republican Rep. John E. Sununu overcame a party schism to defeat the Democrat's top-tier nominee, Gov. Jeanne Shaheen.

N.H. Election News
Sununu Faces Base Troubles in N.H. Senate Battle With Shaheen (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 29, 2002; 7:00 PM)

In New Hampshire, It's Closing Time: Shaheen Catches Up With Sununu (Post, Oct. 27, 2002)

Bass-Swett a Familiar N.H. Contest With a Twist (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 23, 2002; 5:05 PM)

Sununu Wins in N.H.; Reno Trails McBride: In Fla., Counting of Ballots Suspended in Broward, Orange Counties (Post, Sept. 11, 2002; 8:25 AM)

GOP Sen. Smith Falls to Rep. Sununu in N.H. (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 11, 2002; 2:05 AM)

GOP Sen. Smith Falls to Rep. Sununu (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 11, 2002; 1:06 AM)

Sununu Dumps N.H. Sen. Smith in Key Race: In Fla., Reno Trails McBride; Bowles Gets the Nod in N.C. (Post, Sept. 10, 2002; 11:56 PM)

Cliffhanger or Blowout? Poll Positions on N.H. Race Vary (Post, Sept. 8, 2002)

Tight Finish Likely in Fla., N.H. Primaries: 11 States Vote Tuesday on Nominees for Key Statehouse, Congressional Seats (Post, Sept. 8, 2002)

Loyalty, Seniority Key Issues in N.H. Senate Race (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 4, 2002; 7:05 PM)

GOP May Feel Generation Gap in N.H. Primary (Post, Aug. 26, 2002)

Senators Endorse Colleague's Challenger: Abandoning Tradition, Four Support N.H. Incumbent's Primary Opponent (Post, May 27, 2002)

Late Primary Adds Uncertainty to Open Seat (Congressional Quarterly, April 12, 2002; 1:22 PM)

Smith Takes Swipe at Sununu, White House Swipes Back (Post, Dec. 23, 2001)

Shelby Backs Sununu's Bid Against Smith (Post, Dec. 13, 2001)

Sununu's Bid Delights Many In N.H. GOP (Post, Oct. 16, 2001)

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