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Democrat Brad Miller Tops Grant in North Carolina 13th
State Sen. Brad Miller defeated Republican Carolyn Grant, president of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, in the newly created 13th District of North Carolina.

N.C. Election News
Democrat Ballance Wins in North Carolina 1st District (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 5, 2002; 11:00 PM)

Dole Triumphs in Tough N.C. Senate Race (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 5, 2002; 11:00 PM)

A Race to Watch After All: National Dollars Pour Into Tightened Dole-Bowles Senate Race (washingtonpost.com, Nov. 4, 2002; 11:30 AM)

N.C. Race Narrows For Dole, Bowles: GOP Hopeful Still In Lead for Senate (Post, Oct. 21, 2002)

Despite Celebrity, North Carolina Senate Rivals Still Seeking Definition (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 17, 2002; 7:35 PM)

Kouri Courts Labor in Bid to Oust N.C. Rep. Hayes (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 11, 2002; 6:20 PM)

Liddy Dole in North Carolina, Hoping Her Roots Show (Post, Oct. 7, 2002)

Has Greed Replaced Sex?: N.C. Senate Candidate Bowles Is Latest Victim of Anti-Corporate Accusations (washingtonpost.com, Sept. 27, 2002; 10:00 AM)

N.C. House Favorite Ballance Seems Charmed, if Not Charming (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 27, 2002; 3:05 PM)

Bowles-Dole Senate Race Set in North Carolina (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 11, 2002; 2:20 AM)

13th District Looks Lucky for N.C. Democrats: Party's Crowded Primary Should Produce First to Claim New House Seat (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 9, 2002; 6:35 PM)

N.C.'s Democratic Senate Primary Still Open to Upset: Opponent Gains Ground on Bowles (Post, Sept. 9, 2002)

GOP Rep. Hayes Takes Early Heat From N.C. Democrat (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 5, 2002; 7:05 PM)

Decision Day Close for Bowles, North Carolina Senate Rivals (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 4, 2002; 3:35 PM)

Ballance Steady in N.C. Race to Succeed Clayton (Congressional Quarterly, Aug. 30, 2002; 4:05 PM)

A Battle Brews in North Carolina: Dole, Bowles Get Ready to Square Off in Nov. Election (washingtonpost.com, Aug. 14, 2002; 12:45 PM)

N.C. Primary Set - At Last - for Sept. 10 (Congressional Quarterly, July 17, 2002; 6:35 PM)

Taylor Faces Rematch With Contentious Foe (Congressional Quarterly, July 17, 2002; 3:20 PM)

N.C. Skips Runoffs, Schedules Primaries (Post, July 17, 2002)

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