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Opponent's Ads Draw Late Attention to N.Y. Race
Democratic Rep. Carolyn McCarthy has been a solid favorite throughout her campaign for a fourth House term in New York's 4th District. But she has been the subject of an aggressive challenge in the closing days of her contest with Republican ophthalmologist Marilyn F. O'Grady.

N.Y. Election News
From Political Joke to the Punch Line: 2 Parties Look Over Shoulder as N.Y. Starts to Listen to Independent's Message (Post, Oct. 27, 2002)

Pataki's Change Has Done Him Good: GOP Governor Prospers in Democratic N.Y. (Post, Oct. 12, 2002)

McCall on the Ropes in N.Y.: Letter Controversy Stifles Campaign as Pataki Gains Support (washingtonpost.com, Oct. 3, 2002; 1:00 PM)

Mixed Picture for Pataki in New York (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 12, 2002; 1:20 AM)

New York's Boehlert Dodged Bullet in Primary Symbolic of GOP Divide (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 12, 2002; 1:20 AM)

Pataki Falls Short in Independence Party Bid (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 11, 2002; 1:50 AM)

Pataki Campaigns to Shore Up Conservative Base (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 9, 2002; 5:20 PM)

Clinton's Helping Hand: Former President Has Sudden Role in N.Y. Race (washingtonpost.com, Sept. 4, 2002; 10:00 AM)

Cuomo Ends Bid To Be Governor: N.Y. Comptroller To Face Pataki (Post, Sept. 4, 2002)

Cuomo's Decision Prompts Democrats' Show of Unity (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 3, 2002; 6:50 PM)

Top New York Democrats Face a Collision in Futility (Post, Aug. 23, 2002)

N.Y. Democrats Target Freshman Grucci (Congressional Quarterly, July 31, 2002; 3:20 PM)

Schumer Endorses McCall Over Cuomo in N.Y. Primary (Post, July 23, 2002)

Gilman Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection (Congressional Quarterly, July 2, 2002; 6:27 PM)

Rep. LaFalce to Forgo Remap Match With Slaughter (Congressional Quarterly, June 26, 2002; 7:56 PM)

In New York, Cuomo Runs to the Outside: Facing a Defeat, Gubernatorial Hopeful Skips State Convention Where McCall Is Chosen (Post, May 24, 2002)

Pataki's Crossover Appeal Has Him Going for Three in N.Y. (Congressional Quarterly, May 15, 2002)

First N.Y. Remap Draft Sets Two Incumbent Face-Offs (Post, May 14, 2002; 8:45 AM)

Democrats' Snarls Make Pataki Purr: Cuomo and McCall Attack Each Other for Right to Challenge GOP Governor (Post, May 10, 2002)

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