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State Results

Pa. Governor%
 Declared WinnerRendell (D) 53
 Fisher (R) 44
 Other 3
99% Precincts Reporting
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Updated 9:53 p.m. EST

U.S. House Results for Penn.

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In Maine and Pa., Bush Tries to Rouse GOP
President Bush devoted himself Tuesday to a pair of races for the U.S. House, underscoring the fierce fight by the GOP to maintain its razor-thin majority.

Pa. Election News
Gekas-Holden Race Tests GOP's Remap Art (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 16, 2002; 4:35 PM)

A Handful of Longshots on Pa.'s House Slate (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 16, 2002; 5:05 PM)

Pa. GOP May Wish It Could 'Pull a Torricelli' (Post, Oct. 10, 2002)

Pa. House Candidates Vie For Agricultural Correctness (Post, Aug. 11, 2002)

Rendell Wins Democratic Nod in Pa. Primary: Former Philadelphia Mayor Will Face Republican Fisher for Pennsylvania Governor (Congressional Quarterly, May 22, 2002; 1:19 AM)

Murtha Manhandles Mascara in Incumbent Matchup (Congressional Quarterly, May 22, 2002; 8:18 PM)

Rendell Wins Pa. Gubernatorial Primary (Post, May 22, 2002)

Pa. Democrats' Vote Will Settle Bitter Rivalry (Congressional Quarterly, May 20, 2002; 8:55 PM)

Murtha-Mascara Race Headlines Busy Pa. Primary (Congressional Quarterly, May 20, 2002; 8:41 PM)

Rendell Seen as Leading Pa. Race: Democratic Party Split Reflected in Primary for Gubernatorial Nomination (Post, May 18, 2002)

Rendell Gains Momentum in Pennsylvania: NRA Ad Campaign Attempts to Boost Casey's Chances (washingtonpost.com, May 17, 2002; 10:30 AM)

Murtha Has Big Money in Primary Incumbent Match (Congressional Quarterly, May 15, 2002)

Pa.'s Wofford Faces Well-Financed Primary Foe (Congressional Quarterly, May 3, 2002; 7:57 PM)

District Court Stays Pa. Remap Ruling (Congressional Quarterly, April 24, 2002; 6:45 PM)

Pa. Remap Maintains Core Goal of Original Plan (Congressional Quarterly, April 18, 2002; 6:28 PM)

Pa. House Passes Measure to Alter Redistricting Plan (Congressional Quarterly, April 16, 2002; 2:20 PM)

Pa. GOP Expected to Tweak Lines After Court's Remap Ruling (Congressional Quarterly, April 10, 2002; 10:02 AM)

Pennsylvania Districting Plan Thrown Out by Federal Court (Post, April 9, 2002)

GOP Leaders Troop to Pa. as Toomey Faces Tough Rematch (Congressional Quarterly, April 8, 2002; 3:46 PM)

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