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Charges Filed in S.D. Senate Race Inquiry
One woman was charged Friday with forgery after a statewide probe into alleged voting fraud, but the South Dakota attorney general said other allegations that some people were paid to vote are false.

S.D. Election News
New Indian Voters Turned Race in S.D.: Turnout Key to Democrat Johnson (Post, Nov. 8, 2002)

Money for School Lunches Diverted to Livestock, Report Contends (Post, Nov. 2, 2002)

To Johnson-Thune, Add Bush-Daschle: S.D. Race Has National Implications (Post, Nov. 1, 2002)

Voter Registrations Are Probed: In S.D., Irregularities Cloud Democrats' Outreach to Indians (Post, Oct. 24, 2002)

With Much at Stake, Both Parties Turn to S.D.: Close, Unpredictable House and Senate Races Draw National Attention, Lots of Money (Post, Oct. 22, 2002)

Herseth Shows Heft Against Janklow in S.D. House Race (Congressional Quarterly, Oct. 17, 2002; 4:35 PM)

Upsurge by Upstart Herseth Jangles Janklow (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 12, 2002; 5:05 PM)

Bush Breaks News to S.D.: No Drought Aid: President Says That, to Avoid Deficit Spending, Help Will Come From Existing Programs (Post, Aug. 16, 2002)

In S.D., Bush Faces Test of Fiscal Responsibility: President's Resistance To Drought Aid May Hurt Republican in Key Race (Post, Aug. 15, 2002)

Critter's Impact on S.D. Senate Race (Congressional Quarterly, July 31, 2002; 6:35 PM)

Johnson, Thune Square Off Over Drug Plans (Congressional Quarterly, July 31, 2002; 7:50 PM)

Hard Fights, Soft Money in Minn., S.D. (Post, July 29, 2002)

Janklow Wins S.D. House Primary: Term-Limited Governor Snuffs Former Sen. Pressler's Comeback Bid (Congressional Quarterly, June 5, 2002)

House Race for the History Books in South Dakota (Congressional Quarterly, May 24, 2002; 1:31 PM)

Range War Eases as S.D. Governor Hopefuls Lower Voices (Congressional Quarterly, May 24, 2002; 1:09 PM)

Battle for the Senate Comes to the Prairie: Bush Takes On Daschle in S. Dakota (Post, April 25, 2002)

South Dakota Gives Daschle a Fork (Post, Feb. 23, 2002)

GOP Senate Candidate Says South Dakota Can Have the Best of Both Partisan Worlds (Post, Oct. 20, 2001)

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