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State Results

Tenn. Governor%
 Declared WinnerBredesen (D) 51
 Hilleary (R) 48
 Other 1
100% Precincts Reporting
Full Results
Updated 9:53 p.m. EST

Tenn. Senate%
 Declared WinnerAlexander (R) 54
 Clement (D) 44
 Other 2
100% Precincts Reporting
Full Results
Updated 9:53 p.m. EST

U.S. House Results for Tenn.

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Former Democratic Rep. Cooper Wins in Tennessee 5th
Former Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper succeeded in turning Election Day into the beginning of his second congressional career, easily defeating GOP businessman Robert Duvall in Tennessee's 5th District.

Tenn. Election News
Davis Win Gives Democrats Tennessee 4th (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 5, 2002; 11:30 PM)

Alexander Wins Tennessee Senate Seat (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 5, 2002; 11:30 PM)

GOP Retains Tennessee 7th With Win By Marsha Blackburn (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 5, 2002; 10:45 PM)

Bush Funds Go From Bane to Boon: Senate Hopeful Alexander Takes $1.1 Million in Assistance (Post, Sept. 18, 2002)

Blackburn Would Bring Conservative Creed to Congress (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 4, 2002; 4:50 PM)

Former Rep. Cooper Takes Aim at Cozier Seat (Congressional Quarterly, Sept. 3, 2002; 5:20 PM)

Alexander vs. Clement for Senate, Hilleary vs. Bredesen for Governor (Congressional Quarterly, Aug. 2, 2002; 1:05 AM)

Primary Win Nets Cooper Likely House Return; Blackburn, Davis Win Key Contests (Congressional Quarterly, Aug. 2, 2002; 1:25 AM)

GOP Picks Alexander for Senate Race: Ex-Governor of Tenn. Defeats a Conservative (Post, Aug. 2, 2002)

For Tennessee GOP, a Taxing Primary (Post, Aug. 1, 2002)

Many Tenn. Primary Races Too Close to Call (Congressional Quarterly, July 30, 2002; 8:05 PM)

Democrat Davis Faces Tenn. Primary Hurdle (Congressional Quarterly, July 25, 2002; 7:05 PM)

Anti-Tax Image Lifts Blackburn's Tenn. House Bid (Congressional Quarterly, July 25, 2002; 6:35 PM)

Ex-Rep. Cooper Trying to Stave Off Well-Known Rival in Tennessee House Primary (Congressional Quarterly, July 24, 2002)

Tenn. Senate Primary Candidates Hitting All the Hills and Valleys (Congressional Quarterly, July 19, 2002; 2:50 PM)

In Tenn., Tax Stance Is a Slam Dunk (Congressional Quarterly, July 15, 2002; 6:35 PM)

Still Ready to Roll in Tennessee?: Alexander Faces Primary Battle for Senate Seat GOP Can't Afford to Lose (Post, June 9, 2002)

Ex-Rep. Cooper's Bid Highlight of Tennessee Filing (Congressional Quarterly, April 8, 2002; 5:04 PM)

Tipper Gore Declines to Run: Time 'Not Right' For Senate Run (Post, March 18, 2002)

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