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Battle for Key Utah House Seat Winds Up
The House contest in Utah's sprawling 2nd District has been low-key, but the stakes are high.

Utah Election News
Bishop-Thomas Race Set to Succeed Utah Rep. Hansen (Congressional Quarterly, June 26, 2002; 1:09 AM)

Court Ruling Halts Primary Confusion in Utah (Post, June 23, 2002)

Court Ruling Liberates Primary Hopefuls (Congressional Quarterly, June 21, 2002; 3:42 PM)

Court Denies Utah House Bid: Ruling Gives North Carolina Additional Congressional Seat (Post, June 21, 2002)

Utah Party Conventions Cull Primary Fields (Congressional Quarterly, May 20, 2002; 9:45 PM)

Utah House Hopefuls' Quandary Over Possible 4th District (Congressional Quarterly, April 17, 2002; 4:56 PM)

O'Connor Hints She May Side With Utah in Census Case (Post, March 28, 2002)

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