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___ Debate Coverage ___

Full Debate Video:
The final presidential debate, held at Arizona State University in Tempe, Ariz.
Complete Debate Transcript


Debate Referee:
The Washington Post and washingtonpost.com examine the accuracy of the claims and charges leveled in the final presidential debate by President Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry.

_____Thursday Discussions_____

Transcript: Post Associate Editor Robert G. Kaiser analyzes the third presidential debate.
Transcript: PBS "Washington Week" host and moderator of the vice presidential debate Gwen Ifill.
Transcript: washingtonpost.com's Chief Political Correspondent Terry M. Neal on the latest election news.

_____Previous Debates_____

Oct. 8 Presidential Debate:
Full Video | Debate Referee

Oct. 5 Vice Presidential Debate:

Full Video | Debate Referee

Sept. 30 Presidential Debate:

Full Video | Highlights | Referee

_____Latest News_____

Full Coverage of Debates
Latest Blogs on the Debate
Bush's Cartoon of Kerry Failed to Show Up
The Bush campaign created low expectations for Kerry that the senator easily exceeded in the debates, and the overnight change in perceptions of Kerry has reshaped the presidential race.

Debate Helps to Sway Undecided
For the participants in a Post focus group, the third debate did not offer "Aha!" moments but did ratify trends that began with the first two encounters.

More Debate Coverage
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Debate Did Little to Solidify Votes of Participants (Oct. 9, 2004)

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