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The Candidate: President Bush
President Bush accepted the Republican nomination for a second term with a lofty speech casting his reelection as crucial to the spread of democracy across the world and to the security of Americans at home.
Vice President Cheney
Vice President Cheney reached back decades into John F. Kerry's life, arguing in taunting language that the Democratic nominee has demonstrated that he is unfit to be commander in chief.
Key Convention Speeches
President Bush:
Video | Video Excerpts | Text
Vice President Cheney:
Video | Video Excerpts | Text
First Lady Laura Bush:
Video | Video Excerpts | Text
Sen. Zell Miller:
Video | Video Excerpts | Text
Rudy Giuliani:
Video | Video Excerpts | Text
President Bush (Bill O'Leary - The Washington Post)
Convention Features
Convention Diary: Weeklong Multimedia Tour
Dispatches: Terry M. Neal in New York
Spin Corner: Post Interviews With GOP Newsmakers
Party Animals: Roundup of the Political Party Scenes
Convention Delegates


RNC PrepVideo: Bush's Speech
President Bush pledged Thursday to "build a safer world and a more hopeful America."
Speech: Text | Video Highlights
Text, Video From the Convention
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___ Convention Diary ___

Multimedia Scrapbook
Post editor Robert G. Kaiser and photographer Lucian Perkins explored New York.
Full Convention Coverage

Friday's Question:
It was not until the early 20th century that the Senate enacted rules allowing members to end filibusters and unlimited debate. How many votes were required to invoke cloture when the Senate first adopted the rule in 1917?

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