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Clark's Commentaries
 OCCUPATION: No Model for This One (The Washington Post, 3/23/03)
 Neglected Allies (The Washington Post, 2/1/02)
 A Long, Tough Job (The Washington Post, 9/14/01)
 Don't Delay In Macedonia (The Washington Post, 3/20/01)
 Risking the Alliance (The Washington Post, 12/8/00)
 Ready for What? (The Washington Post, 9/8/00)
Opinion on Clark
 David Ignatius: Gen. Clark's Critique
 Terry M. Neal: Trying to Push Clark Over the Bar
 E.J. Dionne Jr.: Can Clark Beat Bush?
 George F. Will: Not Like Ike
In the News
Clark Quits, Says He'll Back Nominee (Post, Feb. 12, 2004)

Clark Officially Ends Presidential Bid (Post, Feb. 11, 2004; 5:25 PM)

Clark Says Clinton, Aide Committed to Win Kosovo (Post, Feb. 8, 2004)

Clark Papers Talk Politics And War: General Cites Pressure From Clinton Aides Over Kosovo Conflict (Post, Feb. 7, 2004)

Slimmest of Victories Keeps Candidacy Alive (Post, Feb. 4, 2004)

Clark's Son Lashes Out at Media (Post, Feb. 3, 2004; 5:54 PM)

Clark Steps Up Criticism of Kerry: Retired General Shifts His Tone and Offers Up Fiery Populist Talk (Post, Feb. 1, 2004)

Clark, the Four-Star Businessman: General Parlayed Stature Into Big Income Boost as Lobbyist and Consultant (Post, Jan. 29, 2004)

The General Says He'll Keep Soldiering On (Post, Jan. 28, 2004)

Forward, March!: The General's Well-Drilled Rallies Have Just a Touch of Brass (Post, Jan. 27, 2004)

Clark Express Is Losing Speed: Poised to Be the Anti-Dean, General Struggles as N.H. Race Changes (Post, Jan. 24, 2004)

Clark Moves To Clarify His Abortion Views (Post, Jan. 23, 2004)

Clark Refining His Battle Cry: Retired General Trumpets Experience In Military, Inexperience in Politics (Post, Jan. 22, 2004)

Clark's Derided Argyle Becomes an Asset on EBay (Post, Jan. 21, 2004)

Clark Vows to Protect Black Electorate: Candidate Calls Bush Judicial Appointee Charles Pickering 'Anti-Voting Rights' (Post, Jan. 20, 2004)

Clark Steadily Gains Momentum in N.H.: As Most Rivals Court Iowa, Candidate Points to Risumi (Post, Jan. 18, 2004)

Clark: Bush Guard Duty Not an Issue (Post, Jan. 18, 2004)

Clark Attacked From Both Parties on Iraq (Post, Jan. 16, 2004)

Clark Tries to Shake Earlier Comments: Candidate Works to Define Stance As Opponents Point to Inconsistency (Post, Jan. 15, 2004)

Clark Rebuts Rivals' Attacks as 'Old-Style Politics': Poll Shows Kerry Pulling Even With Gephardt in Iowa as Dean's Lead Shrinks (Post, Jan. 14, 2004; 3:10 PM)

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